Michael and Pam's Travels


Pam loves a good budget, we found a handy ‘Numbers Template’ for her iPad in the app store.

The following pdf link, details the day to day expenses accumulated during our motorhome travels:

Travel Budget 2014  63 days @ €75 per day = €4,724.


Travel Budget 2015  71 days @ €84.80 per day = €6020.

(Additional Expences not included) Ferries : 6 journeys by ferry totalling €1159

Travel Budget 2016 110 days @ €76 per day = €8358.

(Additional Expenses not included in the day to day transactions) : A new Thule bike rack (€460) and replacing the alternator on the Hymer (£400).  Whilst our day to day expenses on the Rhein River Cruise were included, the actual cost of the cruise was not (€1100).

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