Bad Krozingen, Germany 2017 ๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ช

Travelled:  167 kilometres from Blumburg to Bad Krozingen, Germany

Visited:  Bad Krozingen

Stayed:  Bad Krozingen stellplatz โ‚ฌ12.50, all the usual services.  N47.91744, E07.68915

We depart Blumburg after our usual coffee and fruit.  Perhaps a little later than normal, its a little chilly this morning and the mist from the surrounding hills drifts down and past the stellplatz.  The forecast is 22ยบ for today, so it will warm up at some stage.

We are soon driving along the German side of the Rhein River.  Itโ€™s amazing to think this river, that flows from Konstanz to Amsterdam, bordering this country and that before flowing through the heart of Germany into The Netherlands.

On our left hand side for most of today, The Rhein River.

We plan to cross back into France tomorrow so we have a couple of housekeeper issues to attend to today.  Have been looking for a big motorhome accessory place for a week without success but a bit of Googling locates a big Hymer dealer in Bad Krozingen.  Its only about 15 kilometres off our planned exit from Germany at Mulheim.  Whilst there are lots of big motorhome places in France, it can be very difficult to find someone who speaks English, and generally speaking, the French, can be less than helpful.

We find the Hymer dealer without an issue and I go in the check out if they have what I need.  Pam wanders about looking at the dozen or so new Hymers on display.  Half an hour later we have a new cassette for toilet plus the SOG fittings required.  The old cassette is still functional but carrying a second cassette will suite our travel plans for next year.  In the mean time Pam has fallen in love with a new 654.  Its only a few minutes on the the nearby stellplatz and we soon parked up for the night.

All our business concluded we park in the stellplatz adjoining the therme in Bad Krozingen.  We where hoping to have a swim in the morning but we find they donโ€™t have a lap pool.
So we walk through the park and into town. They have some beautiful gardens here and fancy topiary as Pam discovers.
Walking up the mall, this cafe has a familiar name..
We spot a couple of these signs around town, directing people to the therme we think.  Get the message, go in sick come out renewed !
An interesting fountain in the square at Bad Krozingen.
We make the bridge which appears to divide the older stylish part of Bad Krozingen, with the McDonalds and supermarkets side of town.
So we wander back to the Hymer, picking up half a BBQ chicken from a little pop-up van in the square. The gardens and trees along the stream make for a pleasant stroll.

Michael and Pam

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