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Nesselwang, Germany 2017 ๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ช

Travelled:  103 kilometres from Mittenwald to Nesselwang, Germany

Visited:  Nesselwang and itโ€™s swim centre โ‚ฌ5pp

Stayed:  Nesselwang Stellplatz โ‚ฌ10, the usual services. N47.61995, E10.49825

After saying ggodbye to Rob and Krys we roll out of Mittenwald.  Obviously our general direction is west for the Chunnel, but we have a couple of weeks to get there.  The roads are better in Germany and the stellplatz more common so we continue through the Motherland.

The weather is better than this picture portrays. Itโ€™s turned into a warm afternoon. Passing through Garmisch again we stop at the Lidl and stock up. Before continuing west.

We donโ€™t have a stopping spot in mind, but after an hour we stop and check the data-base.  Nesselwang has an good rating so we give it a go.  We arrive to find the stellplatz full but we park in a corner and 15 minutes later someone leaves and we have our spot for the night.  As a general comment we have seen a lot more motorhomes in Germany this year compared to last.  The stellplatz are full every night and there always seem to be more parked in adjoining car-park etc.

Now we are settled we go for a late afternoon walk around the village. The trees are turning everywhere now and the colour adds to the charm.

Near the church we find the Tourist Office which is still open.  The Nesselwangโ€™s main attraction is its cable-car up Mount Weibach and a golf course.   Pam enquires about a pool and we find they have a heated pool and leisure centre, so thatโ€™s tomorrow morning set.

Church of Saint Andrew in Nesselwang.
It seems we have left the more austere Lutheran Churches in northern Germany. Again in a small village church the adornment are a visual treat. Plenty to look at during Mass I suppose.
The Pulpit protrudes from the wall like a box at the opera. Very unusual.
The marble baptismal font, its timber lid decorated to look like marble as well.

Anyway we have a quiet evening with our 40 German neighbours.  In the morning we head down to the pool and do our 40 laps in the heated indoor pool.  The centre also has a hotter outdoor pool as well, very pleasant.

Back in the Hymer, tired and wrinkled we continue west.

Michael and Pam

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