Stilo, Italy 2018 ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น

Date:  18th August 2018

Travelled:  190 kilometres from Gerace to Santa Severina, both in Italy.

Visited:  Stilo in Calabria.

Stayed:  Santa Severina, Agriturismo Armiro, โ‚ฌ10 with electricity and water.  N39.16713, E16.88756

Another very quiet evening, this time in the huge sosta in Gerace.  We expected other motorhomes to arrive and keep us company, but no.  We also expected to pay, but no we didnโ€™t.  One comment written in the data-base stated this sosta was built on an EU grant.  It appears money well spent, so we say thanks.

We have our coffee and fruit, before packing and servicing the Hymer.  We want to get some kilometres done today, but there is another interesting mountain town called Stilo about 50 kilometres north so we have a look at that first.

The SS110 follows a dry river bed from the sea into the hills and eventually Stilo.  We find it difficult to see the town until actually drive into it.  We park at a small layby and have a coffee.  This amazing chapel and gate just below.
Our next find is this memorial to the fallen.
Weโ€™re not sure what this is, but it has that EU grant look about it.
We start our walk up the hill (itโ€™s always up hill) and spot this ceramic.
We soon notice the difference between Gerace (last post) and Stilo. Stilo is more laid back, less tourism focus.
We find a church on our walk, itโ€™s not open unfortunately. However if you look to the left of the photo you will see a sculptured foot set into the wall ?
On the hill above us we can see this chapel, but we have no way to get there as we left our rope and climbing gear behind this morning.
We see a sign to the Laura Madonna and follow a path around the ridge.
Pam likes to give the safety rails a good shake every now and then to make sure they comply with the relevant building code.
10 minutes later we find this little grotto excavated into the hillside.
Finally we make the top of the hill and the old Duomo, the sign dates it at circa 1538. Unfortunately it was closed.
So we wander back to the town main piazza almost where we started our walk 90 minutes ago.  The piazza is dominated by the Church of Sant Francesco dโ€™Assisi.
You do get some views across town and valley beyond.
Inside the church, itโ€™s all very traditional. Itโ€™s festival time here in Italy and this fellow has been prepared for his annual walk through town.
Not sure who she is…
Back in the Hymer we make our way back down to the coast, continuing north along the SS106. We stop at Sellia Marina for lunch and a swim.  It was nicer than this photo indicates.
Another hour north along the coast we turn inland for Santa Severina. Itโ€™s a slow drive along country road but we eventually get a look at tomorrow adventure.
The data-base shows a farm stay (agriturismo) 5 klms out of Santa Severina. So we arrive get told where to park and settle in.  Itโ€™s a lovely place with great views.
The family run a restaurant from the house. No menu, just whatever is fresh from the farm, and she fancies cooking. We enjoyed a fabulous meal of traditional Calabrian fare. There are at least 40 people so the place is popular. At โ‚ฌ15pp with beer and wine.

That was our day…

Michael and Pam

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