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Santa Severina, Italy 2018 ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น

Date:  19th August 2018

Travelled:  171 kilometres from Santa Severina to Morano Calabro, both in Italy.

Visited:  Santa Severina in Calabria.

Stayed:  Morano Calabro, Parcheggio Comunale Sosta, free with water.  N39.84086, E16.13737

We enjoyed a great sleep after our meal at the restaurant.  We slept with the windows open, the breeze up here in the mountains, is cool.  I hear a rooster crowing about 5.30am and wished we had eaten him for dinner last night.

During our motorhome travels we have often experienced a cold evening in the alps.  Coastal Italy is hot and humid, quite uncomfortable without the airconditioner.  But up in the hills, seemingly anything above a 3-400 metres the climate changes, its still hot in the sun but the breeze is cool.

I roll the scooter of the Hymer and we make the 5klm ride back to Santa Severina.

We stop for a quick look, before at our next challenge, Santa Severina.
We get up the hill surprising easily and find a scooter park under the Castello.
Just outside the car-park we find the Chapel of St Philomena, its open so we pop-in for a look.
The view from the chapel window.
We walk up to the piazza. This view looking towards the Castello.
Still in the piazza.  The old men linger in the shade, chatting about politics and the women walking by.
Still on the piazza. The Cathedral of St Anastasia, this version since 1705.
Inside the Cathedral, there is a baptism about to start, so we donโ€™t linger.

At the side of the cathedral we find this Byzantine baptism chapel, circa 4th century.
Some of the frescoes have survived here and there.  We were a bit lucky some guy pointed around the side as we came out of the cathedral otherwise we would have missed it.

Our next stop is the Castello Santa Severina.  Entry โ‚ฌ3pp + โ‚ฌ2 audio guide.
Pam walks across in front of the central keep. The blurb states that the rocky outcrop on which the Costello stands has been occupied since neolithic times with cave dwellings found under the one of the bastions.
Around the keep a maze of passageway, bridges and bastions. The citadel took itโ€™s current form, circa 14th century, with some little add ons over the next 200 years.
Pam enjoys a good necropolis and the castello has an interesting one. Some grave feature two bodies side by side !  We donโ€™t see that sort of devotion from wives anymore.
A last picture before we leave the Castello, just because i think its a nice photo.
So we have done with this beautiful mountain town and walk back to the scooter.

Back at the Hymer we pack and hit the road.  Its a long drive today, the first part the worst.  The road is dreadful.  Once we make Cosenza we turn for a couple of hours on the E45 and put some kilometres behind us.

Driving the E45 north.

We head for another mountain town, this time Morano Calabro for the night.

We make the free sosta here just before 6pm, its been a long day.  We just settle in before the usual evening thunder storm hits and cools everything down.

Michael and Pam

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