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The Mid-Lands, England 2013 🇬🇧

Rutland Waters, England.  2013
Rutland Waters, England. 2013

Our 2nd week continues our visit to Nottingham, in the mid-lands of England. We head out with David and Iris to Rutland Waters. While we do get in a couple of short walks, it’s cold and windy and a warm fire in an old pub is much more appealing. Next day after saying our goodbyes we start our journey south. We stop to wander Stamford enjoying a coffee and lunch.

The first Guymer’s to immigrate to Australia came from a village called Great Thurlow. We spend an hour in the local cemetery but no luck, they probably couldn’t afford a fancy headstones. It’s a beautiful place all the same. We continued on staying overnight in the university town of Cambridge. Our Hymer is elevated to the next level with a coffee machine.

Back at beautiful Wildhill we spend a couple of days fitting out the Hymer for next years adventures. We spend a day in Hertford, finding the most wonderful pub, buying a BBQ and other bits. In between we have visited London on 3 occasions.   Finally today we attended a Sunday service at St. Paul’s Cathedral and Covent Gardens Markets.Tomorrow we say goodbye to Noreen, Swaraj and beautiful Wildhill and head to Chichester to return the Hymer to its hibernation and off to Rome we go.

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Mmm Another Pub. England.  2013
Mmm Another Pub. England.
Great Thurlow, where the Guymer's  came from, England.  2013
Great Thurlow, where the Guymer’s came from, England.
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Headstone, Great Thurlow, England.  2013
Headstone, Great Thurlow, England.



Walking Hertford, England.  2013
Walking Hertford, England.
Lunching at the Great Eastern Hotel, Hertford
Lunching at the Great Eastern Hotel, Hertford
Another Day in London, England.  2013
Another Day in London, England.


Floating Museum along the Thames, London.  2013
Floating Museum along the Thames, London.


Walking through Soho, London.  2013
Walking through Soho, London.

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