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Verdun, France 2017 ๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ท

Travelled:  165 kilometres from Brienne-Le-Chรขteau to Verdun in France.

Visited:  Verdun

Stayed:  Verdun Aire, free. Usual service water extra.  N49.16812, E05.38085

Departing Brienne-Le-Chรขteau heading north-east for Bar-de-Luc, we are soon confronted with a detour sign.  So off we go into the French farmlands on some unnamed minor road.  This is the first of two long detours this morning before reaching Bar-de-Luc.

Not a particularly flattering photo as we drive into Bar-de-Luc, but interesting. We stop and have lunch in a small aire on the canal. The down-town area and the adjoining canal are very nice.

From Bar-de-Luc we turn north on the Voie Sacrรฉe (D1916).  During the battle for Verdun (WW1) this winding country road was the only supply route open for almost a year.  We are travelling this way, so why not.

Along the D1916 there are several interesting monuments etc such as this area, depicting the hazardous journey to Verdun.  This one is in Erize-la-Brรปlรฉe.

Every kilometer of the D1916 is marked by one of these unique posts.
We arrive at the aire in Verdun in the late afternoon and grab a spot before walking up into the city.  As you can see its close to the railway line.  However we only heard a couple of trains and they were after 6 in the morning.
We walk straight up the hill to the Notre Dame Verdun. This picture of the Cathedral was taken from within the adjoining cloister.
The exterior of the Notre Dame has been peppered with shrapnel.
Looking towards the alter, the Notre Dame is dark and somewhat somber inside, but the organ music playing in the background gave it a welcoming feel.
Pam lights a candle for the Grandchildren.
We enjoy a walk through the cloisters before we leave the Notre Dame.
We walk next door to The Citadel which was just closing but from the garden you get a nice view across Verdun.
The Citadel in Verdun, from the garden.
From the Cathedral and Citadel we walk down through the monument and staircase into the new town.
Pam on the pont in Verdun. The waterfront along the Canal de Iโ€™Est in the background.
One of the interesting old gates in Verdun.
As we wander back to the Hymer we spots signs of the siege of Verdun here and there. Outside Saint Nicholas Chapel being an example.
Only a couple of hundred metres from the aire we find this gate and drawn bridge…dated 1525.

We have a quiet evening in the free aire in Verdun.  I didnโ€™t hear any trains over night, but a delivery truck dropping off at the supermarket just before 6 am spoilt a wonderful dream.  We donโ€™t have any real plan for today other than visit some places associated with the WW1 battle field around Verdun.  But thatโ€™s our next adventure.

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