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Chaumont, France 2016 ๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ท

Travelled : 129 kilometres from Epinal to Chaumont in the Champagne Prefecture.

Visited : Chaumont

Stayed : Port Fluvial, Municipal Aire Chaumont, โ‚ฌ7.40. The usual services including electricity.  N48.11815  E5.15437

We say goodbye to Epinal but find a laundromat next to a service station car wash as we drive up the street.  So suddenly its washing day and we have a load on before you know it.  One of the things we love about France is its relatively easy to find laundromats like this one.  You can sit in the Hymer have breakfast and a coffee whilst your clothes do a lap.  However we have already had breakfast so we roll the Hymer into the car wash and I give it a scrub.  Two jobs completed within the hour.

An easy two hours later we drive into Chaumont.  Its been an easy drive and no toll-ways which explains why we have passed 20 or more motorhomes this morning.  Most likely all heading for Italy or Greece and the warmer weather.  There is only one aire in Chaumont, its down on the canal and about 2 kilometres from town.


So we stop and take a quick look at the aire.  It sits on the Marne Canal (running adjacent the River Saone), so there’s some canal boats and the usual cycle path following the canal.  We take the easy option and drive the Hymer up into town and park.  From there we walk around and do some exploring.

The very French Prefecture building in the centre ville of Chaumont.
The Basilique Saint-Jean-Baptiste. Doesn’t look particularly loved from here. It’s also squeezed into a maze of laneways.
Saint-Jean’s was however very interesting. We found this wonderful piece in the crypt. Done in full life size, with so much detail.
The crypt again, with the most amazing painted ceilings.
Our last touristy visit for today is Chaumont’s railway viaduct.  Built in 1857, it spans 600m at a maximum height of 52m.
The viaduct was built by a workforce of 2,500 men, apparently working 24 hours a day. It was completed in two years. Comprising 50 arches to complete the span.  It has a walkway on the first level so you can get a really good look as you wander across.
The viaduct walkway, just an interesting photo.

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