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Angoulême, France 2023

Date: 23rd September 2023

Travelled: 95 kms from Périgueux to Angoulême  

Visited: Angoulême  

Stayed: Angoulême dedicated parking, free, N45.65370, E0.14320  

Budget: 124 days @ €95 per day

After our final walk through the markets of Périgueux we make our way back over the river to the aire and prepare the Hymer for the road. Much to our surprise the boom gate opens and we escape into the Saturday morning traffic.

Still overcast but the rain has gone or so it seems. It’s a very pleasant drive north on the D roads.

Angoulême, Charente, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Metropolitan France, 16000, France

Pictured below, what the heck is this all about. Well Angoulême has a comic strip museum ? At some point in time now long past, the mills in Angoulême made all the paper in France, predominately newsprint paper and cigarette paper.

Hence the Comic Strip Museum.

Angoulême has no proper parking and service area for camper cars, just a small parking area in the least attractive part of the city which states ‘no parking sauf camper cars’. We find a spot amongst 6 other motorhomes and settle in like an Alabama tick.

It’s mid-afternoon before we start the walk up the hill to the old town.

Angoulême stands on a ridge overlooking a meander in the River Charente

Pictured above, as we pass through the rampart the Cathédral Saint-Pierre d’Angoulême, circa 12th century comes into view. The facade and portal at the front of the church have been beautifully restored. The church features 3 magnificent ceiling domes only one can be seen from outside the church.

From here we wander a little aimlessly as we have no map. It matters little as we follow the crowd. It’s past 5pm now and the French having awoken from their afternoon naps, are filling the cafes and bars and enjoying a warm autumn afternoon with friends and family.

Angoulême is a rugby town as several shops have bunting and signs associated with the current World Cup. Apparently the town has a professional team playing in the French competition.

Anyway enough walking about we decide it’s time to relax. Finding a nice little cafe opposite a small square we order a round of drinks spending half an hour watching Angoulême enjoying the vibe.

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