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Ravensburg, Germany 2016 ๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ช

Travelled : 21 kilometres from Friedrichshafen to Ravensburg, Baden-Wurttemberg.

Visited : Ravensburg

Stayed : Municipal Stellplatz โ‚ฌ8, the usual services, electricity โ‚ฌ.50.  N47.78184 E9.60036

We don’t normally move in the late afternoon, but the stellplatz in Friedrichshafen was a little noisy last night and its not far to Ravensburg.  The other minor issue is LPG, one gas cylinder was emptied more than a week ago now and as it’s very cold at night we have the heater on every night till bed time.  If by some chance we were to run out of gas overnight, it may become ugly in the morning.

Anyway we find an auto gas station on our way and fill up (34L @ โ‚ฌ.49PL). ย On our way again through the numerous little villages and kilometres of apple trees. ย Apples are the big local crop around Lake Constance as are grapes for white wines. ย I am familiar with apple trees from up around Bilpin west of Sydney, but the German apples trees look more like a shrub as they grown up a wire trestle. ย Set along wire fences, they are grown like grape vines along the fence.

The stellplatz is easy to find and we roll into a vacant spot a hook-up before its starts getting dark…


Its another cold morning, in fact colder than yesterday and yesterday was cold. We have no reals plans for today, other than have a look around the Zentrum (town Centre) for a few hours and possible buy a beanie !
Ravensburg is a tower town, there are old gates and towers here and there, along with old sections of city walls as well.
Even the local roofing plumber is a bit of an artist in Ravensburg. Love this guttering spout, just made from some offcuts by the look of it. The colored shingles on the tower roof show a bit of flair as well.
We think this old building in the square was the old Rathaus (the signage was a little confusing). Very ornate in any case.
The things people drive to work, in Ravensburg !
Found this very shiny knocker in the back streets of Ravensburg.
Well that’s Ravensburg for us in any case. It’s a very pretty place but very cold on the day of our visit. As we walk back through town its now lunch time and more people are wandering about. Maybe its just a couple of Sydney siders feeling the cold today.

Just a quick observation regarding Germany, its common to see men sitting in cafes having a beer at 10 am and woman having a coffee.  However by mid-day both men and woman are sitting in cafes having ice-cream even on a cold day !

Michael and Pam

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