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Norddeich, Germany 2016 ๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ช

Travelled : 143 kilometres from Meppen to Norddeich, Lower Saxony.

Visited : Norddeich

Stayed : Municipal Stellplatz (Am Ocean Wave) Norddeich, โ‚ฌ15 including electricity and the usual services.  N53.60984 E7.15810

The weather has progressively warmed this week, it was hot in Munster and very hot in Meppen.  Our original intention was to head north to Leer, but our German neighbours are all talking about another 35ยฐ day so we make a decision to run for the Frisia coast.  The forecast is for less than 30ยฐ in Norddeich today.

It’s a very hot drive north on the autobahn.  It reminds us of our trip down through Italy last year, so we pull the curtains behind the cab to give the airconditioning some help.  It’s Friday afternoon and there’s lots of traffic, we presume mostly people heading to the North Sea beaches like us.  Reaching Emden on the mouth of the Ems River we can feel the temperature falling and we feel the decision was a good one.  No point sitting in the Hymer all day with the airconditioning banging away if it’s too hot to do any exploring.

Arriving in Norddeich we find the stellplatz is huge, about 200 motorhomes.  It’s almost full and we get one of the few spots left.  As there are 199 German camper cars and us, I won’t be mentioning the war.


Parked up in this huge stellplatz, we were lucky to get a spot. By early evening there were 12 or more campers parked outside waiting for people to leave the next morning.
Looking back on the town from the sea wall. It’s actually a large sprawling place, predominately little holiday rental bungalows it would seem. It’s a seaside holiday town and not very inspiring to be truthful.
The Frisia coast extends from Northern Holland (West Frisia) to Lower Saxony (East Frisia). It’s as flat as a pancake and just below high tide level. Hence its protected by an 8.6 metre sea wall that extends across both countries.  If you click this panorama it should open for you.
This is what they call the beach in Norddeich. There is a section of sand further back, but you have to pay โ‚ฌ2 to sit there.  On the horizon the chain of Frisia Islands can be seen.  At low tide you can walk more than a kilometre before the water is waste deep.
What the Frisia lacks in beach it makes up for in cycle paths. We ride west for 10 kilometres before heading back, but the path just continues on as far as the eye can see.

Not fancying a second night in Norddeich we pack up and head east toward Bensersiel, but the small port village of Dornumersiel catches our eye.

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