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Capella, Queensland ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ 2024

Date: 3rd and 4th July 2024

Travelled: 258 kms from Nebo to Capella 

Visited: Capella  

Stayed: Capella CP, $37, S23.07820, E148.02188  

Budget: 45 days @ $XX per day

From Nebo itโ€™s a long drive to Emerald especially as our preferred route is the Peak Downs Hwy. Itโ€™s longer than taking the Fitzroy Developmental Road which has mysterious unsealed sections. Our first thought is spending a night at Clermont but the CP is full when we enquire, so we drive on another 60 kms to Capella.

Capella, Central Highlands Regional, Queensland, Australia

Capella is a pub, post office, motel and cafe. The supermarket closed several years ago, but it is the shire capital and has a couple of impressive buildings associated with that.. The CP is down the river end of town which appears mandatory in Australia. Itโ€™s a nice enough place with a mixture of grey nomads travelling and grey not so nomads who will stay until called by the Lord.

It only takes a few minutes to settle in, but its been a long drive so weโ€™ll leave the exploring until tomorrow.

The lady running the CP suggests a few places we can explore by our bikes, so we head off to do the highlights, our first stop is the cemetery

We manage to ride out to the showgrounds which happens to have the largest undercover horse arena weโ€™ve ever seen. Our original thought of walking up to the pub for dinner are given a miss as the pub is up the other end of town. Walking a kilometre back along the hwy after a few beers takes away our enthusiasm.

Anyway that was Capella.

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