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Fliquet, Jersey 2023

Date: 16th June 2023

Travelled: 40 kms from Beaumont to St Catherineโ€™s and back   

Visited:  Touring the North East Coast  

Stayed: Hideaway RV. โ‚ฌ25, N49.20130, W02.16660  

Budget: 25 days @ โ‚ฌ99 per day

Another lovely morning on Jersey. A little high cloud but nothing to worry about. We make an earlier start today as our travel distances are a bit further.

Despite the tail end of the Porsche Cayenne Mums doing the school run it takes only 15 minutes to the village of Saint John which is only 5 kms east of where we finished yesterday. We park the scooter walk the church, cenotaph and shops. There is a lovely french bakery but itโ€™s a bit early to think about sourdough.

Everyone is speaking French, in the bread shop, sitting at the cafes and just people walking past, best get used to it.

From Saint John we head north for the coast road finding Bonne Nuit Pier. The cafe seems popular so we stop for a coffee and take in the tide receding.

Some grand homesโ€ฆ

Our next stop is White Rocks, not the village but a small carpark. Despite walking half a mile along the walking path we can find no trace of the remains of this thousand year old stone fort. The sign and Google describe the remaining stone ramparts but all we find is a lovely view.

Some even grander homesโ€ฆ

We zig and zag the country lanes for less than a mile until we arrive down on the harbour overlooking Rozel Bay. There is a highly rated cafe on the pier but sitting and eating in the full sun doesnโ€™t make any sense to us, so we take in the view and a couple of pictures before continuing East.

Pam grabs an over the shoulder photo. The roads are narrow and the lanes just a car width, but thereโ€™s little traffic and where just putting along.

Our next stop is Le Dolmen du Couperon. We find a tiny carpark at the end of a steep lane way and follow the sign. Itโ€™s the site of a late Neolithic gallery grave (circa 3,500-2,500 BC) excavated into the rock. To be honest I would not recommend it as a highlight of your visit to Jersey, but we actually found it. The views are great as well, but every turn is another beautiful piece of coastline.

Continuing around the coastal road near Fliquet, itโ€™s only a missed turn and we find ourselves at Archirondel Beach and the Driftwood Cafe. To be honest I doubt we could find it again without a GPS. The cafe is very popular as are the Brown Crab Sandwich, the specialty.

ยฃ13 is a lot of money for a sandwich but it was magnificent and you only live once. A Birra Moretti and a very dry rose made for a longish lunch in the shade overlooking the bay.

Back on the scooter itโ€™s only 5 minutes on the Mont Orgueil Castle, pictured above. But itโ€™s been a long day and we decide to leave the castle till tomorrow. So we ride through the village and its ritzy hotels turn only the A3 south-west for Saint Helier. In 15 minutes were back at the Hideaway unwinding.

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