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Moora, Western Australia 2023

Date: 11th March 2023

Travelled: 100 kms from Coorow to Moora in Western Australia   

Visited:  Moora  

Stayed: Moora RV, free, S30.64220, E116.00813  

Budget: days @ $ per day

Our final evening in Coorow came with a storm, very windy for an hour or two then a sudden downpour of rain. Just as quickly it all passed and the remainder of the night was very quiet.

As weโ€™ve done Coorow as best we can we make an early start for Moora. Ninety of the one hundred kms to Moora is wheat stubble with three our four gigantic wheat bunkers with the vinyl tops every 30 kms or so.

Grains are big business in the WA wheat belt which reminds me of another one of Newtonโ€™s observations. He told us every property in the district used to run a thousand sheep to help supplement the wheat crop, not any more he explains, sheep are hard work, they need to be tended. Farmers these days like sitting in their big shiny, air-conditioned tractors watching movies while the GPS and laser guidance system drives the tractor.

Moora, Shire Of Moora, Western Australia, 6510, Australia

Arriving in Moora we do a quick lap of the town before turning into the free RV park the good people of Moora have provided. Itโ€™s well located in the middle of town and an easy walk to everything.

Once weโ€™ve settle we go exploring.

Passing the Droverโ€™s Inn pictured above we think maybe the local pub for dinner tonight.

We find a memorial to the farmers working horse and dog and some great murals. On our way back to the Jayco we pass St James Anglican Church another lovely stone building.

The late afternoon looks after itself and we go off dinner and drinks at the Drover which proves to be a good choice.

In the morning the ladies at the information centre suggested Carnabyโ€™s Cockatoo Walk is the best way to walk off a big chicken schnitty.

We didnโ€™t see a Cockatoo or anything much else on our walk. Got barked at by some local dogs and got up close to a wheat train with more carriages than you can count. But it was 6 kms and that made Pam happy.

Back in the Jayco we make ready for the road once again setting the GPS for New Norcia.

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