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Barcaldine, Queensland ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ 2021

Date: 24-25th May 2021

Travelled: 85 kms from Ilfracombe to Barcaldine  

Visited: Barcaldine, Outback Queensland.  

Stayed: Homestead Caravan Park, $26, all services.ย S23.55528, E145.28374ย 

Budget: 45 days @ $144 per day.

We make an early start this morning. We arrived at this huge rest-stop about 8.30 last night so we couldnโ€™t see much other than a caravan parked further over. This morning in the light of day we can see picnic benches and bins scattered across this huge parking area as well as several other campers parked amongst the surrounding trees.

Ilfracombe looked interesting as we passed through so once we pack up we drive back a couple of kms into town. Pam goes for a walk and I go and inspect the machinery museum that line the highway through town.

Map of Ilfracombe

This working windmill pumps water into a chain of ponds

Pam finds the cemetery on her walk.

Map of Barcaldine, the icon on our overnight stay

Arriving in Barcaldine, we do a quick lap around town before going on to the Homestead Caravan Park in the centre of town. Itโ€™s in a good spot and as we are early we get the pick of spots up in the corner. Once weโ€™ve settled which takes only a few minutes after some 6-7 weeks on the road, we have a coffee and relax.

We didnโ€™t know it at this stage but we like it at the Homestead. So we stay here for 2 nights.

Time for our usual exploration of town, the information centre is closed from 12-1.30pm so no map to start. So we start with the main street (Landsborough Hwy) of Barcaldine.

Found another pub.

Barcaldine would appear to be an AWU come Labor Party town. The AWU have a museum and heritage centre here and we note the many things around town such as the Tree of Knowledge display and exhibition are all sponsored by various Queensland government departments.

Every evening at 5pm (in season) they have live music at the Homestead Caravan Park. An older couple called Ken and Annie run this little country music activity. They cook up damper and boil a billy just to add to the outback feel. We gave the tea a miss, substituting a beer and glass of wine. It was a great hour of fun. The first couple on the ukulele and the guy with the violin were just travellers passing through who joined in.

We find ourselves parked next door to Bob and Pat. They have an Jayco Optimum like ours, but itโ€˜s only 6 months old and very flash. Pam now thinks a dishwasher is a must have. Anyway Bob and Pat sold there farm at Gwabegar several years ago and now travel full time doing farm sitting on a regular basis. We chat away about motorhomes and the Pilliga.

Late on our second afternoon we ride our bikes a few kilometres across town to the cemetery and do some exploring there to complete our day.

Anyway Barcaldine is done, we enjoyed our couple of days here but the roads are calling.

Michael and Pam

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