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Normanton, Queensland ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ 2021

Date: 17th May 2021

Travelled: 260 kms from Georgetown to Normanton 

Visited: Normanton, North Central Queensland.  

Stayed: Normanton RV Camp, free, no services.ย S17.66242, E141.08760ย 

Budget: 37 days @ $140 per day.

We refuel the Jayco as we leave Georgetown continuing west along the Gulf Development Highway. The road continues to change from relatively new to old and narrow and back to new again. The road surface is reasonable even on the older sections and we find 85-90 kms is no problem for the Jayco and 95-100 kms on the newer sections. The speed limit is 110 kms on all the newer sections but we only get passed by another car once during the whole mornings drive.

150 kms after departing Georgetown we drive through Croydon. The Gulflander Rail Line runs from Normanton to Croydon. More about that later as we have booked tickets for this afternoon.

We stop for a coffee at Black Bull Siding (part of the Gulflander Line), itโ€™s about half way between Croydon and Normanton.

Normanton, Queensland, Australia

Forty minutes later we roll into Normanton. Normanton stands on the Norman river about 70 kms south of Karumba and the Gulf of Carpenteria. Its current population stands at 1,200 people.

We go straight to the tourist office to get a local tourist map and a free camping pass for the council reserve just over the river. Then straight back to the railway station for a quick lunch as the Gulflander departs at 2pm.

We have booked for the 2 hour tourist run to Critterโ€™s Camp, rather than the 5 hour journey to Croydon. Whilst it was a fun experience with plenty to see along way as well as an excellent commentary, the thought of sitting on this thing for 5 hours as it bumped and banged its way to Croydon leaves me glad we didnโ€™t.

Railway flood marker ?

Whilst we have seen lots of warning signs, this is our only croc encounter so far

The Gulflander done we stop for a not very cold beer at the Normantonโ€™s Purple Pub. 34 years since my last beer here. By now itโ€˜s getting late, so we drive over the river and find a spot with several other motorhomes and caravans.

We have a quiet evening although we had to close up all the windows about 7pm when a swarm of little tiny bugs showed up. As it was a cool evening the fan provided enough ventilation.

We return to Normanton in the morning, walking the tourist trail before fueling up for the drive to Karumba.

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