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Mossman Gorge, Queensland ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ 2021

Date: 15th May 2021

Travelled: 180 kms from Mossman to Ravenshoe 

Visited: Mossman Gorge, far North Queensland.  

Stayed: Ravenshoe Railway Caravan Park, $25, all services.ย S18.60857, E145.48313ย 

Budget: 35 days @ $141 per day.

After a relaxing drink and dinner at The Exchange we enjoy another quiet night in the caravan park in Mossman. The Pubโ€™s live music made it even better.

After a perfect coffee and some fruit we walk over to the pool, to do our laps. The pool here in Mossman is excellent, the water clean and a refreshing 25 degrees (un-heated). That done we ready the Jayco for the road and drive the 3 kms or so to the Mossman Gorge National Park car-park.

We park in the bus and RV section and walked up to the visitorโ€™s centre. Getting directed to purchase bus tickets ($12.95 pp) to the gorge we put up a bit of a fight stating we would rather walk. Eventually we win and walk the two kms to the start of the gorge.

The walk takes us 20 minutes. The gorge walk itself is a series of elevated ramps and well formed steps so itโ€˜s not a challenge.

Map of Mossman Gorge NP, the icon on the car-park.

Some views of the Mossman River.

It was 30 degrees and very humid, so the anti-perspirant was not winning. Soon after, we had a swim and cooled down.

The gorge done, we point the Jayco west. Climbing the tablelands once again we back track for almost 100 kms to Ravenshoe.

Yes, we passed through Ravenshoe 10 days ago when we visited Athertonโ€™s waterfalls as we headed north and here we are again.

Its been a long day of adventure as night falls, so it will be an early night.

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