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Our Nations Capital, Canberra ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ 2020

Date: 29-30th September 2020

Travelled: 125 kms from Harden to Canberra in the ACT

Visited: Murrumburrah and Canberra  

Stayed: EPIC Campgrounds Canberra, $30, all services. S35.22676, E149.14815 


As we have a relatively short drive to Canberra today, we decide to walk over the Murrimboola Bridge and explore Murrumburrah before we leave Harden.

The Old Council Chamber

Another beautiful old bank building in need of some TLC

As we walk about we find some lovely old homes hidden here and there. The town must have had significant promise in the early 20th century.

Church on the hill.

Back at the Winnebago we do a quick tidy up and farewell the twin towns of Harden and Murrumburrah. There is more traffic and more hills than weโ€™ve seen for a couple of weeks.

Map of Canberra our icon on the EPIC Campsite

We find the EPIC (Exhibition Precinct In Canberra) easily enough. Itโ€˜s on the outskirts of the city but the light-rail is only a few hundred metres away. EPIC is less expensive than the other options or so Pam said.

Once we are settled, we lock up and catch the light rail into the city for an afternoon walk.

We walk around the Canberra CBD for 30 minutes or so taking the odd photo. The place is a bit untidy and there are a lot of odd people hanging around, if you get our drift. Pamโ€™s mood quickly picks up when she caught sight of a David Jones and the next 30 minutes or more, well you now.

A little retail therapy and Pams back at full throttle.

The day is getting on so we start making our way back to the light-rail stop. An Irish Pub catches our eye and $23 later I have a pint of Guinness and Pam a large Sav-Blanc. We catch a takeaway around the corner and the next tram back to EPIC for a quiet night in.

We wake to a very grey morning and showers are predicted. We originally planned to take the bikes on the light-rail into the city then cycle to whatever. The thought of cycling in the rain rules that out. We could drive the camper in but then parking would be a hassle.

We fall back on taking the light-rail, then walk or catch a bus.

Next morning back on the rattler.

We have visited Canberra on previous occasions, the main aim this trip is to visit the War Memorialโ€™s new displays, however we cannot get tickets till Thursday. So today we have booked for the National Gallery of Australia and The National Portrait Gallery.

Canberraโ€™s flower displays make the trip worthwhile.

The Captain Cook Memorial Jet on Lake Burley Griffin

The Australian of the Year Walk.

After a long walk…the National Gallery of Australia.

โ€™Spirits of the Pumpkinsโ€™ by Yayoi Kusama stole the show. Definitely time to repaint our bedroom, we already have the mirrors.

It makes sense after a few drinks.

We have a bit of lunch in the cafe outside, before going onto the National Portrait Gallery which is virtually next door.


The Oils

The portrait gallery had an extensive exhibit based on Pub Music, lots of fascinating photos of the singers and bands we have grown up with. I thought it was great. It also had an extensive display of sports stars, artists and personalities.

The day has gotten colder and the drizzle has started as we leave the museum. We are sensible enough to find the bus stop over the road and jump a #2 back to the city. On the light-rail once again we alight at Dickson, find Woolworths before returning to EPIC.

The rain is getting heavier and we just make it back to the camper before getting really wet. Definitely a night in tonight.

Michael + Pam

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