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Mount Stewart Gardens, Northern Ireland ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง 2019

Date: 6th July 2019

Travelled: 74 kilometres from Holywood to Strangford both in County Downs

Visited: Donaghadee, Mount Stewart Gardens and Grey Abbey

Stayed: Strangford marina car-park, free T+B N54.37163, W05.55571

Budget: 34 days @ โ‚ฌ76 per day

We are woken by the Garbosโ€™ doing the bins about 7am. Yesterday was a big day so weโ€™re not in a hurry this morning. The LP highlights the walk/cycling path from here to Bangor, so after coffee we give the first few kilometres a look.

Nice view of the Belfast Lough this morning. Some sunshine to ๐Ÿฅพ.

Back from our walk, we get the Hymer ready and continue on the A2. We hit the Lidl in Bangor for a few items including some croissants for breakfast.

I mentioned during our post on Belfast the Orangemen are building bonfires to celebrate 12th July. Mind you the bonfires are lit on the evening of the 11th (inside knowledge from Darren). Not the biggest we have seen, but one we could stop and take a proper photo. According to Darren there are hundreds of car tyres inside the stacks of pallets.

Itโ€™s only another 10 kms on to the seaside village of Donaghadee.

Map showing Donaghadee, the icon on the aire.

Looking down on the picturesque village of Donaghadee.

During our walk we find a lovely aire (motorhome service point) at the tennis courts, that wasnโ€™t listed in our data-base. So we drive the Hymer round use the services and for the princely sum of ยฃ2 turn on the power and give the Hymer a vacuum out. Pam hand washes a few things and enjoys a 10 minute shower. Yes itโ€™s the little things.

Map showing the location of Mount Stewart Garden.

Our next adventure is Mount Stewart Gardens, a National Trust property, Entry is ยฃ9.50, listed as one of the top ten gardens in the world.

We visit the house or rather mansion first. Whilst part of the house existed in the 1800 it was completed in the 1900 century, its beautifully styled and decorated. It is the seat of the Marqueeses of Londonderry. Click any of the photos and they will open as part of a gallery…

My personal favourite.

The house done we move out to explore the gardens.

The Family Cemetery.

Mount Stewart is done and well worth the cost. We start thinking about a stop for the night but the LP recommends a visit to Grey Abbey. Itโ€™s only 7 kms further south on Strangford Lough. Mind you itโ€™s not easy to find.

Map showing Grey Abbey, in Greyabbey.

We eventually find Grey Abbey, park the Hymer on explore.

You can zoom in and read about the Abbeyโ€™s history here.

We are reminded of the wonderful Dryburgh Abbey ruins we visited in Scotland last year.

So Grey Abbey is done we continue south on the A20. We check out a couple of potential overnight stops but nothing takes our fancy. Arriving in Portferry, we cross the Lough on the next ferry (ยฃ6.80) to Strangford, itโ€™s much quieter over here. We take up a spot on the marina with a couple of other motorhomes and call it a day.

Our view for the evening…

Michael and Pam

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