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Salerno and the Amalfi Coast, Italy 2018 ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น

Date:  27-28th August 2018

Travelled:  204 kilometres from Matera in Basilicata to Salerno in Campania, both in Italy.

Visited:  Salerno and the Amalfi Coast.

Stayed:  Salerno Sosta Parco del Mercatello, โ‚ฌ10 all services, electricity โ‚ฌ5 extra.  N40.65974, E14.80454

Budget:  86 days @ โ‚ฌ97 per day.

Another cool evening, perfect for a good sleep.  Given Italian towns are noisy places at night, staying out of town in farm stays or agroturisto as they call them are great.  I would also recommend anywhere on a hill as you can catch the breeze.

Anyway we do our best to be serviced and out the gate by just after 9am.  Itโ€™s a long drive to Salerno and we want to be there by lunch.  We stop for some fuel as we travel south on the SS7.  I should mention the service stations in Italy.  Firstly they are everywhere and you would wonder how they survive. Secondly, how do they work ? You donโ€™t know until you drive in, many are automated, for which you need a local credit card or failing that (which we obviously donโ€™t), a machine that takes cash.  Sounds simple but itโ€™s all in Italian.  So Iโ€™ll try and briefly explain, you insert your โ‚ฌ50 note, select a pump, then select your fuel type and hopefully it works. Sound easy but itโ€™s not.  Lastly there is the service station with an attendant.  This service station will have bowsers on one side at one price, say โ‚ฌ1.48 if you serve youself (see firstly) and bowsers on the other side with an attendant at โ‚ฌ1.65.  If you use an attendant and pay the higher price by some form of miracle you can use any credit card.  Like many other things in Italy it defies logic so donโ€™t worry yourself about.  Just carry lots of โ‚ฌ50 notes.

On the E847 westbound near Castelmezzano.  The rocky outdrops make for an interesting drive.
The Italian dream gone wrong perhaps ?
Italian drivers donโ€™t stop at red lights or stop signs, so we doubt this flag waving mannequin is going to have much luck.

We arrive at the sosta and settle in.  It doesnโ€™t look much from here but it has a high security fence and the guard locks the gate at 10pm.  The train station is only a 100 metres away which is convenient as well.
We roll the scooter off the Hymer and head into Salerno about 4pm. Itโ€™s about 4 klms into the centro or old city.  This photo looking across to the port.  The mountains of the Amalfi coast in the background.
The 11th century Duomo is Salernoโ€™s main attraction, so we park nearby and walk up.
The Duomo has a beautiful portico entrance courtyard, apparently added in the 12th century.  Never seen an entry like this before.  Note the bronze double doors, cast in Constantinople (thatโ€™s modern day Istanbul, for those of you who dropped geography) in the 11th century.
Inside the Duomo is too big if anything, itโ€™s cavernous.
The fresco above the high alter. The remnants of the original 11th century Norman frescos can be seen on the surrounding wall.
The real gem in our opinion was the vaulted crypt. Every panel tells a story, the detail is amazing !

Back out on the streets, we walk for a while. Lots of small fashion and jewellery shops hidden here and there. We finally find a bar overlooking the bay and have a drink before scootering home.
The next morning we are on our way up the SS163.  It follows the Amalfi coast from Samerno to Sorrento.
Looking west across the bay from Capo dโ€™Orso.

Coming down into Amalfi.
Looking across the bay and Positano to the coast beyond.
The beautifully tiled dome of the Parish Church of Saint Gennaro, circa 1589.
We stop for a swim at Furore, you would too.
Another view…
Just what we needed after the mayhem of the Amalfi traffic.
Chilling out, taking in the views of the Amalfi coast.
The long lunch, Amalfi style…
Then we do it all again in the opposite direction.
Not your traditional Le Mons start. They need to put a Policeman (thatโ€™s his scooter blocking the road) at the stop-go signs, otherwise the Italians just donโ€™t stop. They are mad you know.

Anyway we had one of those days that memories are made of.  We returned to the Hymer a little tired but safely.  And another day slipped through to the keeper.

Michael and Pam

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