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Kirkwall, Orkney 2018 ๐Ÿด๓ ง๓ ข๓ ณ๓ ฃ๓ ด๓ ฟ

Date:  27th June 2018

Travelled:  43 kilometres from Kirkwall to Burwick, both in the Orkneys.

Visited:  Kirkwall.  Laundromat ยฃ14

Stayed:  Burwick Port, free with tap and toilet.  N58.74033, W02.97323

So we spend a quiet evening with four other motorhomes overlooking Shapinsey Sound in Kirkwall.  That was until about 5am when a seagull decided to start playing with our radio antenna on the roof.  After 25 days on the road we need to do some laundry, so we will have a wander around Kirkwall while the machines do there thing.  Hopefully, a relaxing afternoon.

Noisy seagulls but a beautiful morning.
So we drive a little closer to the centre of the town and pay a ยฃ1 to park for 4 hours. We noticed a cruise ship sailing into the port this morning so it no surprise the craft markets are open.  We get some semi-sundried tomatoes, very nice with cheese and biscuits later…
The washing is on (two loads) and we walk the short distance to St Magnusโ€™ Cathedral. Itโ€™s seems very large given the size of Kirkwall.

Built during the 12th century, from local red sandstone.  As Iโ€™m looking around a swarm of Italian tourist march inside.  The tourist ship in the harbour has obviously berthed.
Lots of ancient epitaphs around the walls follow a similar theme.
The adjoining cemetery tells the sad stories of young people and children passing.  Maybe the various flu epidemics.
Quick trip back to the laundromat to put everything in the dryer and we walk on to the Bishopโ€™s Palace.  The old town hall with Pam in the forground.  Must be warm Pam has gone of the shoulder.
Save me some writing.  Entry was ยฃ4.50 but free on our membership.
The Bishopโ€™s Palace stands within a lovely park in central Kirkwall. There are lots of people enjoying Orkneyโ€™s summer day.  The grounds are free to wander but it costs to enter the ruin, of course.
Despite being a ruin there are lots of passage ways, rooms and staircases still to explore. Lots of information panels telling stories. There is plenty to keep us occupied for an hour.
Lots of interesting photo opportunities.
Looking at the time our washing should be done. The streets are now flooded with Italians, so we collect our washing and retreat to the Hymer.

So we drive the Hymer back to the waterfront and park in our favourite spot.  Make the bed, put away the washing, you know how it is after a big wash.  I notice the cruise ship and check it out with the binoculars.  The MSC Meraviglia, 4,500 passengers and 1500 crew are currently overwelming Kirkwall in our opinion.
After a little nap we get ourselves organised and drive south across the causeways and back to Burwick. We can service the Hymer here and its only 10 minutes to the ferry in the morning. Done and dusted we celebrate our visit to Orkney with some of the local ice cream.

Michael and Pam

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