Texel, Holland 2017 🇳🇱

Travelled: 55 kilometres from Enkhuizen to Den Helder, Holland.

Visited: Texel by ferry, €5pp including your bicycle.

Stayed: The Marina Stellplatz, Den Helder. All services €14.50 N52.96242 E04.76982 (CamperContact)

It wasn’t the best night’s sleep in Enkhuizen.  Rain drumed on the roof of the Hymer as it was rocked by storms last night.  Unsure if it was 3 seperate storms or the same one going around in circles just trying to make things uncomfortable.

Looking out the window the sky is grey again, but there are a couple of patches of blue.  Anyway we coffee, have some fruit then service the Hymer before rolling out of Den Helder.  I see a Lidl icon on the screen of the GPS at the next town and we stop for a shop.  We will leave The Netherlands in a couple of days and stocking up on beer for the trip north is on my mind.

Beer in The Netherlands and Germany is about the same price, but there is 20p deposit on cans and bottles in Germany, hence its actually 20p more expensive per can.  That adds up over a hundred cans, so we start stocking up, its a long way to Norway and a can of beer in €5-6 up there.

This just looks like ‘personal consumption’ to me, but if they look in the underfloor storage and see the other hundred cans, things could get a bit sticky at the border.

Our goal for today is Den Helder, the GPS states 40 minutes travelling time but it will take us an hours and a bit.  The Hymer enjoys about 100 kph, but its very windy this morning so 90 kph will have the Hymer moving about enough and we stop for some toast and coffee.  Den Helder is situated in the northern tip of the Holland part of The Netherland.  From here we can catch a ferry to Texel.

A quick breakfast stop, the canal and lift bridge in the background. The picture is taken from the sea dyke that guards Holland from the Waddenzee.
We arrive and find our spot in the stellplatz. We are a bit surprised by how many motorhomes there are up here.  The bikes are off and we cycle to the ferry.
It’s a big ferry, this is it’s twin going past the other way. The trip takes about 20 minutes, as its only 5 kilometres.

A map of the island of Texel.  After putting 90 seconds into the planning process we decide to ride the east coast dykes north and come back on the dune cycle path on the west coast.
The dyke walls make great cycling and the sun is out.
A quick stop where the big dyke crosses a smaller dyke on Texel.
This picture describes the west coast of Texel better than I can.
Finally we approach the northern tip of Texel the lighthouse in the background. It’s a long ride to the top about 15 kilometres. Sky is darkening as well.
We cross over to De Cocksdrop the most northern village on Texel.
The church in Texel. It’s at this point we make at fateful decision to have lunch, fish and chips which was very nice. But if we had turned and run south we may have missed the weather.
So we ride back south on the dunes cycle path the 20 kilometres to the port.  In the rain for only 15 kilometres, thank goodness for the gortex.  No pictures of the dunes and beach because it was too wet to get the iPhone out.

Michael and Pam

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