Munich Oktoberfest, Germany 2016 ๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ช

Travelled : 83 kilometres from Ingolstadt to Munich, Bavaria.

Visited : Oktoberfest

Stayed : Munich Exhibition Centre, in Reim. โ‚ฌ35, includes the usual services and electricity.  N48.13378 E11.70642

Its should have been less than an hours drive to Munich, but the traffic was very heavy.  The closer to Munich we get the slower it gets.  Mostly just to do with some roadworks but we do pass a 4-5 car nose to tail accident at one point.

We are not in Munich, to visit Munich.  We’ve come to do Oktoberfest.  We will spend a couple of days in Munich next year or the year after.  From what little we know, Oktoberfest is not a good time to do the sights, there are just too many visitors.

Easily enough we drive into the Munich Exhibition Centre carpark.  It has been turned into a giant stellplatz with all the usual facilities.  Mind you Pam almost has a stroke when they ask for โ‚ฌ35.  It’s all organized with the usual German efficiency, once you understand the rules everything’s fine.

Parked up at the Munich Exhibition Centre.  During the rest of the year motorhome parking is allowed at the Thereseinweise fairgrounds, but not during Oktoberfest.  I would guess there are about 3-400 motorhomes here on Friday morning, by Saturday morning the number has doubled.  A bit of a rough estimate 3 of every 4 campers are Italian registered.
Having lunch and a little warming up beer to get into the Oktoberfest spirit.  Note for you beer connoisseurs, Paulaner put out a special ‘Munich Hell’ beer for the Oktoberfest (only โ‚ฌ.79 at the Lidl).

From the exhibition centre we catch the Underground to Thereseinweise. This photo was taken approaching the main entry to Thereseinweise fairgrounds.  Suddenly there are people converging from all directions.
There was a lot of security at the entry point, but we walk in easily.  Our plan to disguise ourselves as a couple of retirees works a treat.  As we walk along inside the main thoroughfare, we look at each other and think OK what do we do now ?
It seems the big Munich Brewers all have a hall.  They are actually huge marques with big facades facing the boulevard.
The facade get more elaborate the further we walk.  Lots of people in German National Dress.  Everyone is very friendly and having a good time.
We venture inside one of the larger tents, its mayhem.  After a while we work out all the outer tables are booked by locals.  They surround the inner public area, mostly full of tourists who are a lot younger than us.  In the centre a band playing German folk music.
Moving on to another tent we find it has a large area of table and chairs outside for mixed groups, mind you there are about 500 people sitting there.  A couple of people get up and we finally find a section of table.  Before you know it I have a โ‚ฌ10.60 beer and the fest has started.
After a few beers everyone is best of mates.  As the hours pass some people go and some new ones join the group.  Its a very mixed bag, Australia, South Africa, Argentina and Germany of course.  It was a great afternoon.

Not sure what the high point of the day was but it would be hard to beat getting off the train and finding a tree to enjoy a 10 minute pee in relative privacy.  Anyway the bloody Italians were noisy all night adding to the hangover in the morning.  We had such a great afternoon at Oktoberfest there seemed little point testing our luck so we pack up and head south east for our next adventure.

Michael and Pam

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