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Mdina, Malta. 2018

Date: 5th August 2018

Travelled: ย Only by scooter, the Hymer is on ramps and hooked up to electricity

Visited: Mdina

Stayed: ย Camping Malta, L-Armier, โ‚ฌ21.50 pd, all the usual services. ย N35.99484, E14,36686


Parked outside the campsite is suiting us just fine. ย We had a great night out with John and Linda last night in Melleiha. ย The water in the little bay is clear and warm. ย The Maltese folk inside the campsite are all friendly enough and we are sleeping well enough, thanks to the air-conditioner.

We have decided to scooter south-west to Mdina today. ย Itโ€™s around 15 klms away and takes us 30 minutes to get there.


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Mdina stands proudly on a hill dominating the local area. ย There is a seperate yet adjoining more modern township but it cannot be seen until we start the circular climb to the city gates.


The Greek Gate, basically the back entrance. I know you think Iโ€™m making it up. There is a scooter parking spot so we park and take the plunge.


The golden stone walls of Mdina have stood for thousands of years. The original fortifications by the Phoenicians in 1000 BC. ย The Romans have had a go, but its current appearance is owed to the Arabs in the 9th Century.


Once a seminary this magnificent baroque mansion is the Cathedral Museum.


St Paulโ€™s Cathedral Mdina. Built on a site St Paul blessed in 60 AD. The original collapsed in an earthquake, subsequently replaced by this beautiful structure in 1702.


St Paulโ€™s Cathedral is rich in colour and opulence as we have come to expect.


The tombstones covering the floor are artworks in their own right.


The marble inlaid floor in this sanctuary is described as a 17th century masterpiece.


Enough Cathedral for today we continue our visit.


Around every corner there is something a little special in Mdina.


Pam enjoys an ancient walled city as much as any of the other camper-car wives.


Personally I love a Humphrey Bogarde movie.


Finally we find the Piazza Tas-Sur.



From the viewing point on the ramparts adjacent the Piazza Tas-Sur. ย St Julianโ€™s and Barhare-Caghaq Bay in the distance.



Looking the other way across the city the towers of the Cathedral.



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  1. Jeni

    Malta looks fabulous – you wouldnโ€™t want to leave. Pam looks Maltese with that tan, the climate obviously suits you both. Stay safe and enjoy!

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