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Monet’s Garden, France 2016 ๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ท

Travelled : 142 kilometres from Milly-La-Foret to Giverny in Normandy.

Visited : Claude Monet’s garden and home in Giverny.

Stayed : Les Jardins de Claude Monet carpark, free but no services.  N49.0343 E1.53000

We enjoyed a quiet night at Milly-La-Foret.  The aire is just off a round-a-bout on the D837, but once we went to bed it was a very peaceful evening.  Mind you it was a cold morning and we could hear voices in the distance, but this eventuates to being the local soccer club warming up about 8am.  Their pitch was just the other side of the hedge.

After coffee and a leisurely breakfast we service the Hymer again, and set off west, then north-west.  We stop at Rambouillet for coffee, it looks really interesting, so we lock up and go for a walk…

The Chateau was not looking its best.  We thought it may be a movie set as we walked through the park (jardine), but the Chateau is under an extensive renovation program.  As a result, wrapped in plastic !
A little corner of the Chateau Rambouillet not under cover.  The gardens and lakes of the Chateau are extensive and it took about an hour to walk through to the far side and then back through the centre-ville to the Hymer.
A last photo of Rambouillet before we continue today’s drive. The French love their merry-go-rounds and this one was in lovely condition.

We continued on our way again, the afternoon has warmed and the sky cleared.  Autumn is autumn we presume, but compared to driving across France last year, the current weather is very nice.

Our goal for this afternoon is Giverny and a visit to Monet’s garden.  Its mid-afternoon on Sunday when we arrive.  The huge carpark is full of cars and there are several tourist coaches parked over one side.  There is a dedicated motorhome section, way up the back so we drive in and set ourselves up.

Looking at the cars we decide to walk the village this afternoon and visit the gardens tomorrow.

We are up and at the entry point at 9.30 opening and find we are first in line. Not that there was a line, because we were the only ones there.  Mind you 3 tourist coaches arrived as we walked across so we won’t be alone for long.
Despite the chill of autumn the garden is still in bloom and looking wonderful.  Monet moved to Giverny in 1883 spending the second half of his life here.
Directly in front of his home, the flower garden extends for about an acre, down to a new road that unfortunately separates the water garden’s stream and ponds from the old garden.
Another view of the gardens looking back toward the house. Pam looking very French this morning as well.
Access from the garden to the ponds is via a pedestrian underpass. From there the path winds it way along the stream crossing several times via some small timber bridges that in most cases follow a Japanese theme.
The water garden made famous in Monet’s series of paintings of water lilies (nympheas).
Another photo of the water garden, no wonder it was such an inspiration.
Morning dew or last night’s rain โ˜”๏ธ?
Whilst the house looks large is actually very long and narrow.  So it’s only 3 bedrooms but all the rooms through the house are generous in size.
Pam and the pots. In the kitchen obviously.
From Monet’s study window which looks out on the old main street, now called Rue Claude Monet.
The master’s bedroom, like all the walls filled with various painting and etchings. The majority are Monet’s personal collection of Japanese art is on display here as well.  Monet passed away in this bed in December 1926.
Monet’s headstone can be found in the small cemetery adjacent to the village church.
A last look at the garden as we leave, we get a wave from this old fellow.

Michael and Pam

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