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Domme, France ๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ท 2023

Date: 14th July 2023

Travelled: 20 kms around Vรฉzac on the scooter  

Visited: Domme  

Stayed: Vรฉzac Aire CC, โ‚ฌ13, N44.82450, E01.16950  

Budget: 53 days @ โ‚ฌ87 per day

Well Bastille Day eve was a bit of a fizzer at the aire and campsite in Vรฉzac last night. All very quiet, except after first light when we were awoken by the sound of the burners on the hot air balloons blasting away at regular intervals . I was thinking of getting out of bed and taking a photo but thought better of it.

As the forecast is for a hot day, we make a reasonably early start this morning. The scooter is already off the Hymer and ready to go, so we set off for the village of Domme about 8 kms to the east.

Domme, Dordogne, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Metropolitan France, 24250, France

From our guide book the Most Beautiful Villages in France youโ€™ll find Domme on page 192. Domme provides panoramic views over the River Dordogne and the valleys below, standing as it does 150m above the river. Domme has had a turbulent past, its turrets, ramparts and fortified gates often serving as prisons for the Templars, French and then the English.

The Kisbee struggles a little as the climb is steep, but gets us to the carpark as usual. We park next to the Porte des Tours as we want to visit it when it opens a little later.

Itโ€™s still relatively early as we start the walking tour pictured above.

The old ramparts follow the cliff line and pretty well anywhere you stop is a fabulous view.

The ร‰glise of Domme (pictured below) was destroyed in the War of Religions in 1589, the current church was rebuilt in 1622. The facade and portal were added in 1883. While the wooden altar is quite elaborate the church is small and simple.

On our arrival back at the Porte des Tours weโ€™re disappointed to find itโ€™s not open except for a guided tour in French much later in the day (apparently because itโ€™s Bastille Day). Our guide book highlights visiting the Tours as they were once used as cells for the Templar Knights, whose graffiti etched some elaborate artwork in the walls.

Such is life and our visit to Domme ends in a little disappointment. Once safely back at the aire, we spend the afternoon using the pool and having a nap. The temperature hits the mid 30ยฐs around 5pm but settles down quickly once the sun disappears.

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