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Zwolle, The Netherlands ๐Ÿ‡พ๐Ÿ‡ช 2022

Date: 17th June 2022

Travelled: 38 kms from Deventer to Zwolle, the Central Netherlands 

Visited: Zwolle  

Stayed: Zwolle Turfmarkt, โ‚ฌ6, N52.51320, E6.10410 

Budget: 23 days @ โ‚ฌ104 per day

Another quiet evening in Deventer. Our neighbours are all still sitting in their chairs next to there caravans or campers when we go to bed. Half expected to see them still there when we got up, but it seems the Dutch arenโ€™t early risers.

Pam has gone for a walk leaving me a list of jobs to complete before we leave this morning. As Iโ€™m unsupervised I chat with our neighbour the Pirate, instead. We have nicknamed him that as he wears a bandanna (sorry Ewout). He tells me his daughter, son in-law and 3 kids live at home with him and his wife only 3 kms away. He continues, telling me every couple of weeks they need some piece and quiet, so they load up their motorhome and drive across the river to this campsite for 4 days.

Pam is back so we service the Hymer wave goodbye to our neighbours who are all sitting in their chairs once again and make for the road.

The drive north to Zwolle follows the Ijssel River. The road has been built on top of the dyke or what we in Aus would call a levy bank. It provides a lovely view of the country side as we roll along at 80 kph, passing the odd beautifully maintained windmill.

We stop for fuel being happy to pay โ‚ฌ2.13 a litre. Our last fill was back in York so 34 litres seem OK but maybe not. I never check fuel economy as it would probably upset me.

We find a dedicated motorhome parking spot for โ‚ฌ6 pd, it has no services other than a bin but it will do us nicely. It less than 100m before we cross into the old city of Zwolle. The old city is effectively surrounded by water in a multi-pointed star shaped moat. A picture is easierโ€ฆthanks to Google images.

Zwolle was thought to be settled by bronze age people but it really kicked off around 800AD. By 1400 it was the major trading port and cultural centre because of its wealth, hence its defensive moat. Read the link if your interested. The forts and walls are gone but itโ€™s still an interesting walk.

Our first stop is the Grote Kirk in the Oude Vismarkt. Impossible to get a photo from outside given its market day. Inside is full of scaffolding but I did my best.

We continue on looking for the Onze Lieve Vrouwetoren, itโ€™s huge tower can be seen from just about anywhere. Somehow we have missed it and ended up back at the markt. Mind you the flowers are lovely.

Behind the tower, the Onze Lieve Vrouwe, the Catholic Church is just beautiful. A lovely peaceful place to sit and reflect (especially if your feet are sore). The church is dedicated to Thomas d Kempis a bit of a local hero and legend. We gather from the info they sort to canonise him after his death in 1471 without success. Apparently a jaw bone and three teeth did not make the cut back in Rome.

Our man from Zwolle or at least his jaw bone and a few teeth.

Weโ€™ve really enjoyed our visit to Zwolle, the markets are fun to wander, lots of history and a great lunch thanks to a few hints from Ewout.

By mid-afternoon we have run out of steam thanks to a glass of wine and a Heiny, so we make our way back to the Hymer. Looks like weโ€™ll have some company tonight, so our day is Zwolle is done.

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