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Nandroya Falls, Queensland ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ 2021

Date: 6th May 2021

Travelled: 320 kilometres from Magnetic Island to Nandroya Falls 

Visited: Driving the PCW and Nandroya Falls, Far North Queensland.  

Stayed: Henrietta Creek Campground, free, no services.ย ย S17.59859, E145.75900ย 

Budget: 26 days @ $144 per day.

After staying put for three days on Magnetic Island we roll off the ferry in Townsville and civilisation again. By civilisation I mean a supermarket. We have depleted the cupboard and fridge, so we make for a shopping complex. Once again I manage to jag a magnificent spot 29.5 feet long within a short trolley push.

Rolling off the ferry at Townsville.

Thirty minutes later weโ€™re refilling the Jayco with food and getting ready to roll out of Townsville. I know your thinking why didnโ€™t they visit Townsville ? Well Townsville really is a small city. The port and harbour area look good but parking the Jayco isnโ€™t easy and we have the urge to move on, so the Pacific Coast Way it is.

The Cowboyโ€™s home ground in Townsville.

So we drive north, passing through Ingham, Caldwell, Tully to Innisfail…

Having crab rolls with views of Hinchinbrook Island.

We had a loose plan of a free overnight stop behind a pub in Innisfail, so we stop and check it out. Finding itโ€™s a long way back to the centre of town we decide to continue on to East Palmerstonโ€™s National Park Henrietta Campsite.

Map of Nandroya Falls, the icon on the Henrietta Campsite.

We park the Jayco and have a chat with our new neighbours getting some information about the falls. He tells us the return walk to the falls is almost 2 hours. As itโ€˜s 4 pm we say thanks and get going.

We make the falls in 45 minutes including a few photo stops. We have a few minutes trying to get a perfect picture but the light is failing so we get started back up the hill. Itโ€™s getting late and we want to be back before dark. After all this is normally our debrief over a drink time rather than walking up a steep trail time.

We emerge from the track to find several more campers have arrived. Thereโ€™s plenty of space at Henriett, so no one is close. We cool down enjoy a drink, shower and sushi. We spotted a fresh sushi place back in Townsville this morning and thought why not. Damn glad we did.

Anyway we have come to the Athertonโ€™s to do the waterfall circuit, so thatโ€™s one less to do tomorrow.

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