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Sightseeing the A12, England 2018 🇬🇧

Date:  8th July 2018

Travelled:  129 kilometres from Cantley (Reedcutter) to Ipswich, England

Visited: … Driving the A12

Stayed:  Burnt House Farm, Witnesham. £9 include power and the usual.  N52.11441, E01.20226

A bit of a late start this morning at the Reedcutter.  We decide on a walk along the River Yare, this takes an hour.  It’s a pleasant walk but there is little to see, just some grouse running through ahead of us and the odd boat passing by before return to the Hymer for breakfast.

We do the usual servicing, say goodbye to Michael and Iris and make our way back to the A47 for Great Yarmouth.  The traffic is very heavy for a Sunday morning with lots of stop starts.  Turning south on the A12 the traffic thins but its still slow going.  There seems to be a round-a-bout every mile or so, which means wrestle the Hymer around and going through the gears again.

Stopping for lunch near Woodbridge.  We have been on the road for over a month now and probably a day ahead of where we need to be, to comfortably make the chunnel on Wednesday.  The thought of a house keeping day has Pam excited.  We go through our data base over lunch looking for a park with power.

Burnt House Farm looks reasonable, so we decide to have a look.  But first we need to do some shopping at John Lewis (UK version of David Jones) so we head into Ipswich.  Our beloved DeLonghi coffee machine started leaking water last year and is slowly getting worse.  We cannot complain after five years of bouncing around the back of the Hymer all over Europe.  So £170 later we have a new machine.  We also purchase a small fan that runs off a USB connection at £10 its worth a try.

Our stop is only 5 miles away so we make our way to Witnesham, finding Burnt House Farm easily enough.  It’s a farm stay, with everything we need.  So we settle in, have a drink as the shadows lengthen.

Catching some late afternoon shade at Burnt House farm stay.

Michael and Pam

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