The Romantische Straße (day 3), Germany 2017 🇩🇪

Travelled: 150 kilometres from Nördlingen to Landsberg am Lech, Germany.

Visited: Nördlingen, Friedberg and Landsberg am Lech all on the Romantische Straße.

Stayed: Landsberg am Lech Stellplatz €7, all the usual services.  N48.05590, E10.87208

After our dinner out in Nördlingen we have another quiet eveing in another German stellplatz.  In the morning its our usual coffee and fruit chatting about this and that.  Pam looks forward to the mornings as there is usually a short video from Kate or Belinda with the grandchildren up to something or other.

It’s a nice sunny morning in Nördlingen. By the time we are up and about several motorhomes have already left.

The Lonely Planet indicates Nördlingen is one of the few towns in Germany where the parapets of old city walls are still intact and can be walked.  So we walk through the Tor to investigate.

Once inside the gate we soon find an old stair to the parapets and start walking 🚶.
Here and there along the parapet plaques have been placed. We cannot decipher the German but the dates vary through the 1600 hundreds.
The walk around takes about an hour. The walls are being repaired in a couple of places so we had to go up and down more than once. This tower has a bit of a lean.
You get to look into people’s backyards as well all for free.

Our visit to Nördlingen is complete so we service the Hymer and continue south on the Romantische Straße.

Soon after we drive through Donauwörth, which looks very pretty but you cannot stop everywhere.
The next substantial town is Friedberg. It’s has a Lidl so we do a shop and have a wander.
We have a walk up town, more pastel colours and pretty flowers 💐.

The afternoon shadows are lengthening as we find a spot in Landsberg am Lech.  The stellplatz is full but we don’t need power so we park in the adjoining car-park.
The stellplatz adjoins the cemetery. As we walk by the flowers do look nice but in comparison to the Scandinavia countries they are not as well maintained.
We walk up into the old town, Landsberg am Lech has a beautiful tor (gate). The colour of the ivy at this time of year adds to the charm.
We find the church is closed and do a quick lap around the square. It’s getting a bit chilly now and its beer o’clock back at the Hymer.

Michael and Pam

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