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The Romantische Straße Part 1, Germany 🇩🇪. 2017

Travelled:  56 kilometres from Würzburg to Bad Mergentheim along the Romantische Straße, Germany

Visited: Solymar Therme €22.50pp

Stayed: Bad Mergentheim Stellplatz €10, all the usual services. N49.49296, E09.79277



We are planning to catch up with our neighbours in Innsbrook, Austria in a few days.  Rather than drive directly south, we have decided to take one of the German tourist routes called the Romantische Straße (romantic road) which for the rest of this blog I will abbreviate to RR.  The route from Würzburg to Füssen is just over 400 kilometres, however as we have already visited Füssen (last year) we will bail before that for Austria.



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Anyway it’s late as we leave Würzburg and we have a bit of a battle finding the correct road to drive along.  By the time we reach Nördlingen we have found the correct road and start following the signs.  So far it’s all back roads, but easy driving.



Our first real town is Tauberbischofsheim, which as you can see is a hive of activity.  But it’s late and we need to find a stellplatz, so we continue on.



We have the co-ordinates for a stellplatz in Bad Mergentheim.  It’s just down the hill below the Solymar Therme.



After a peaceful evening in the stellplatz without paying (the machine was broken), we enjoy coffee and some fruit before getting our swimming stuff together and walking up to the Therme.  We decided on the full experience rather than just a swim, hence the cost.  So for the next two hours we swim our 40 laps, then try every pool spa and sauna we can.  It was fabulous, perhaps even better than that.  Obviously they don’t allow you to run around with a camera so…


The plan view from the brochure showing the two lower levels.



The top level, being the adult only area.  Which in German means everyone is more or less naked.  You can practice your high-school German deciphering this…



Back in the Hymer with very clean pores, we hit the RR again.




Travelled:  127 kilometres from Bad Mergentheim to Nördlingen, Germany

Visited:  Weikersheim, Rothenburg ob der Tauber and Nördlingen.

Stayed: Nördlingen Stellplatz, €3.  All the usual services.  N48.85535.


Our second day on the RR…



This morning the road cuts through farmlands, whenever the hills face the south it’s grapevines.



Lots of pictures of Angela Merkel today.



Looks interesting…



The RR gets a little narrow in places, one being the village of Adelshofen.



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We find a parking spot just outside the walls of Rothenburg ob der Tauber.



Despite the grey skies, Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a lovely town. Lots of well maintained pastel colored building and interesting fountains.



Lots of potted colour and interesting signs.



and colourful scooters.



The town has several interesting Tor (gates).



It’s time to get going again, the stellplatz at Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a bit expensive so we continue on the RR.



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30 minutes later we arrive in Nördlingen, the stellplatz looks full but we find a spot, next to this fello.



We take a walk up through the gates into the old town to take in the sights and find somewhere for dinner.



Pam is looking very stylish outside the Baldinger Tor in Nördlingen.



We find this interesting fountain near the Saint George’s Church.



We soon find a traditional looking place for dinner, enjoy our snitzel with a cold local beer and troken reisling which seemed reasonable at €28.  Before wandering back to the Hymer in the dark…








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