Tingsryd, Sweden 2017 🇸🇪

Travelled: 229 kilometres from Grönhögen (Öland) to Tingsryd in Sweden.

Visited: Grönhögen, Öland Lighthouse SEK30pp, Kalmar and Orrefors.

Stayed: Tingsryd picnic area and rest-stop, free with bin and toilet.  N56.51600, E14.99051

The wind really started to blow at the marina last night.  It didn’t stop us from getting two loads of washing done and dried.  However the Hymer rocked around all night so we have had a better sleep.  We are surprised to wake up to brilliant sunshine.

Morning sunshine at the marina. It wouldn’t last for long however.
The marina in Grönhögen is a pretty little place. Lots of old fishing boats and a few yatchs and pleasure craft etc.
After coffee we go for a walk around the village of Grönhögen. Just a very small supermarket and this cafe built into the base of a lovely old windmill.  As you would expect the weather quickly changes and we get a little wet on our way back to the Hymer.
We say goodbye to Grönhögen and drive the final 9 kilometres to the southern tip of Öland.  You can see the lighthouse a long while before you reach it.  Its very flat out here.

The area around the lighthouse is a nature reserve. We are surprised by how many people are out here bird watching.
Anyway we have come to Ottenby to climb the lighthouse. Built in 1785 and still operational today. So we part with our SEK and climb a few hundred stairs. It was worth it.
The view from the lighthouse looking north. It’s fairly flat around here. We are the only people in the lighthouse. All the other vehicles have people with powerful telescopes looking at seagulls or perhaps mermaids for all I can tell.

There’s always time for a quick selfie.
Thought this was an interesting photo. In the ticket office they have a birdwatching telescope set up over looking the sanctuary. So I had a bit of a play and took a couple of pictures with the iPhone through the lens of the telescope. Manage to catch a couple of birds in flight.
Driving north we notice 3 or 4 areas just off the road with large stones standing up on their ends. Öland is also famous for it’s grave sites and this is one. They have been dated from the Stone Age through to the Iron Age.  The plaque set near the road tells that 20 of the 200 graves on this site have been excavated and what they found, just amazing to walk amongst these stones.
Öland is also well known for its windmills. They are not the large types we have commonly seen through Europe but smaller versions like this.  There are about 400 of these spread throughout the island.

We drive back over the bridge from Öland to Kalmar. We need a supermarket and some culture, so we stop in Kalamar and have a wander about.
The main shopping strip. It’s seem too cold and miserable for even the locals.
So we wander the old town walls for a while, before finding a Turkish restaurant and have lunch.  There is a huge castle /palace here in Kalmar, but we are just not in the mood.  So we hit the road again.

We stop in the town of Orrefors late in the afternoon. We visit the shop and museum at the famous Orrefors glass works. Whilst there are some lovely pieces, they are so expensive its a bit of a shock.  All the great Sweden glass makers are situated in this area.  The town of Kosta and Boda are both with 20-30 kilometres.

Anyway we drive on to Tingsryd and find a little spot in the picnic rest area on the edge of town.  It overlooks the lake, but as it’s raining we won’t be doing any exploring this evening.  So its beer and wine time…

Michael and Pam

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