Seinäjoki, Finland 2017 🇫🇮

Travelled: 225 kilometres from Kokkola to Seinäjoki, Finland.

Visited: Kokkola and Seinäjoki

Stayed: Swim centre car-park, free.  N62.78491, E22.82836

For some reason or other we had a great sleep in the car-park near the centre of Kokkola.  There are a few motorhomes and a couple of caravans lined up in the far end (obviously in storage), so we tagged on the end of the line.

After a few days in Finland we already like the place.  Whilst we have found the odd paid parking signs, normally you get the first hour for free and as yet we are have not seen a “no overnight parking” sign.  Secondy Lidl supermarkets are everywhere and our grocery bills have halved.  Lastly whilst service points for the Hymer were easier to find as Norway or Sweden, they are about. However they are mostly in petrol stations, its just a matter of looking for the yellow cabinets as you pass.

Anyway back to Kokkola, we get up have a coffee, its a beautful sunny morning so we drive back out to the marina where we were last night.  There are several walking paths here and Pam would like an hours walk before we hit the road.

Back at the marina in Kokkola, we head off for a walk.
Walking up past the marina we pass a series of old boat houses along the canal.
We pass over this strange timber bridge lined with seats on either side. There is a tourist panel that explains this bridge is a replica of an 18th century bridge. Apparently it caused a lot of controversy because of its expense.
Finland can be a lovely place when the sun is out.
Rolling south again, its farmland and bugs splattering on the windscreen.

Bit of a general comment on bugs.  During the best part of a month in Norway we hardly saw an insect, but Finland is bug heaven so it seems.  No mozzies, there are some flys but it the little nats.  We need to be careful to keep the Hymer’s screens up whenever we stop, which seems to be working so far.  The windscreen needs to be cleaned morning and again at lunch time.  I digress.

We checked out the campsite on the edge of Seinäjoki in the late afternoon.  We want to do some washing or at least Pam does, I have been wearing the same shorts and top for a month…without a problem.  The campsite is very Toowoon Bay 1968, but without the charm.  The tarrif of €30 plus another €10 to use the washing machine is not going to happen.  So we head into town to find the tourist office.

Outside the railway station (tourist office) in Seinäjoki, this stunning creation !
The tourist office is closed, but a lovely young lady opens the door and asks if we need help. After explaining our aversion to paying to stay in a campsite, she recommends the swim centre car-park and here we are tucked up in the corner.

Michael and Pam

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