Teruel, Spain. 2014 ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡ธ

Travelled : 53 miles from Seborge to Teruel, Provence of Aragon.

Visited : Teruel

Stayed : Railway station car park, free no services, N40.340141, E01.109454

Expenses : 51 days @ โ‚ฌ80 per day

We depart Seborge continuing north-west on the A23. It’s duel carriageway and again we hardly see another vehicle as we continue to steadily climb into the mountains.  It’s a cold day, after a cold night, the cloud is low or the mountains are high where not exactly sure.  The countryside is dry and barren, we only see the odd structure, mostly stone ruins of old farm houses or out buildings.  The Rough Guide refers to Aragon as a sparsely populated Provence with notable extremes in weather.

Center map

The magnificent old bridge in Teruel, now a walking bridge only. Spain.  2014
The magnificent old bridge in Teruel, now a walking bridge only.

Ninety minutes later we are driving into Teruel.  Like most of these ancient towns is stands on top of a hill in this case a steep ridge, overlooking the Rio Turia (river).  There are no Aires in the book or data base, so we park at the Lidl and head for the tourist information.  There is 24 hour free parking at the railway station so we head for there.  It actually very close to the old town, except for the 100 or so stairs to get up the hill.  No sooner we stop and another camper car pulls up along side.  It’s always nice to have a bit of company for the night.

The Cathedral, Teruel, Spain.  2014
The Cathedral, Teruel.


Teruel proves to be a very interesting town.  The Cathedral has a museum attached as well as a bell tower.  Teruel was originally roman, then moorish and many of its oldest structures are based on moorish foundations or were built by the moors who stayed on in the town after it was recaptured by the Spanish in the 12th century.  We found the most interesting are the four bell towers.  One in particular the El Salvador has been converted into a multi level museum.  Anyway we wandered about the narrow streets until dark, before finding a little bar and enjoy the tapas and a couple of drinks.

One of the Towers of Teruel.


It’s another cold night, but snug in the Hymer.  I get up to turn on the heater and note a couple of Police cars and Police wandering about in front of the camper. Thinking we’ve been busted, I get dressed and Pam flushes the dope.  But we find there was a bingle at the roundabout near the entrance to the car park and the Police have moved the protagonists to our end of the car park.  Anyway half an hour later, they tow them away and our little car park returns to peace and quiet.

Michael and Pam

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