Modena, Italy. 2018.

Date:  14th September 2018

Travelled:  230 kilometres from Lucca in Tuscany to Modena in Emilia-Romagna, Italy.

Visited:  Maranello-The Galleria Ferrari, €14pp and Modena.

Stayed:  Modena, free car-park, no services. N44.65332, E10.91004

Budget:  103 days @ €93 per day.


After our big couple of days in Lucca it was time to move on.  We have our usual coffee and fruit, then start to get ready to go.  It takes a little time to service the motorhome and extract ourselves from this little sosta.  Now full of motorhomes and cars as well.

We need to keep moving, we return to Australia in a month.  Our loose plan is to complete as much of our tour of Italy as possible before we need to make for England.  So another day on the motorway.  We depart Lucca and farewell Tuscany, setting the GPS for a stop in Maranello.


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Modena and nearby Maranello are the exotic car centres of Italy.  The Ferrari factory, museum and GP test track are in Maranello, the Lamborghini factory and museum are just up the road in Modena.  There is a small sosta in Maranello, but it’s not within walking distance of the Ferrari museum, so we just stop under a tree, having a late lunch in the shade.


We drive on another 3 kms to the museum and find a spot in the car-park.  It’s paid parking (€2 ph) but we ignore the machine and walk inside.


It’s all very modern and full of Italian style.  It’s also full of Malaysian tourists according to the sign on the bus in the car-park.


The museum has about 20 odd cars.  The most interesting in my opinion covering the period from the mid-1950s to the end of the 20th century.


There are 3-4 of the current Ferrari line up as well as several formula 1, ex-factory open wheelers.




So that’s it, we have done the Ferrari Galleria.  You can book weeks in advance and do the factory tour or perhaps spend a few hundred euros on driving a Ferrari on the test track for 15 minutes, but my days as a petrol head are long past.  I would rather look at motorhomes or motorbikes these days.  So we make for Modena, the only stop a large free car-park but it’s close to the historic centro, so we find ourselves a spot amongst 5-6 other motorhomes.


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On a corner as we walk up to town, this old training aircraft on display as a memorial.  We later discover there are several military bases around Modena and a large military university as well.


Once a military armory this grand building is now the palazzo dei Musei, Modena’s museum complex.  We didn’t need a museum today but they kindly gave us a map and a few pointers.  Apparently this weekend is the Modena Philosophy Festival.


Finally in the centro.  It’s not particularly flash, but it’s neat and tidy.  The Police have road blocked the main entries, so it’s easy to walk around.


Dedicated to St Geminianus, Modena’s Duomo.


Most of the interior of the cathedral is under renovation.  Mass was just concluding in this small chapel below the main church, so we waited a few minutes for it to clear, before taking this photo.


Adjoining the Duomo, the Tower Ghirlandina.  The lower section dates to the 11th century, the spire was added in the 13th century.


The good news story of the day…free entry to the tower during the philosophy festival saving us €2pp.  There’s a nice view from up here.


Your thinking, who is going to show for a philosophy festival.  Well all these people did, it’s a full house today.


It’s mid-day by the time we return to the car-park, have another coffee and make for the road again.  The GPS set for Ferrara.











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