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Faroe Islands ๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ด

Our thoughts after touring through the Faroe Islands in 2022.

Strengths: The Faroes are an adventure from start to finish. It starts with a 30 hour ferry passage from Hirtshals in Denmark to Tรณrshavn. For us it concluded with a second 18 hour ferry passage on to Iceland. Our week in the Faroes was punctuated by stunning scenery, dramatic coastline and quaint isolated villages. There are basic campsites here and there so finding a spot for the night isnโ€™t a problem. Away from Tรณrshavn forget pubs and cafes, but thereโ€™s a small general store in the larger villages.

Weaknesses: There is no Lonely Planet guide for the Faroe Islands or any other travel guide that I could find. There is the local tourist office website and a couple of blogs. Most of those are more focused on hiking and camping. Whilst the roads are generally good they tend to be narrow. The are several tunnels linking the main islands, some dark and narrow others wide and modern, the newer tunnels are very flash but the tolls are expensive. Wild camping is strictly forbidden. Our camping fees averaged at โ‚ฌ30 per night which is expensive for what you get which is basically a legal parking spot for the night.

Opportunities: There are some excellent short walks if you do a little research . Torshavn makes for an interesting introduction to the Faroes and its history. Getting around is easy with the assistance of a GPS as there is little traffic. There are so many waterfalls and cascades worth a stop, eventually youโ€™ll only stop for the most impressive. The Faroes are an Ornithologist dream, the bird life around the cliffs in particular.

Threats: Nothing jumps to mind other than the cost of getting there but as youโ€™re going on or returning from Iceland itโ€™s all part of a very expensive ferry passage. Other than whatโ€™s already mentioned the weather can make your passage pleasant or unpleasant if your prone to seasickness.

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