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Malta ๐Ÿ‡ฒ๐Ÿ‡น

Our thoughts following our tour of Malta in 2018.

Strengths: We found Malta a friendly and safe place. Valletta is a beautiful city with plenty to see. The northern coastline is the most touristy and makes for a great day’s exploring. The south coast is more barren and less populated but very beautiful. We spent two days on Gozo and loved it. Comino and the Blue Lagoon are spectacular, however by mid-day the crowds spoil the visit, so be early or late.

Camping Malta Style

Weaknesses: Whilst tourism is an important component of Maltese economy, tourism by motorhome doesn’t fit the current model. There is only one actual campsite we could find and a couple of parking areas mostly used to store old caravans. There are scout camps with limited facilities scattered about, but they are only open if scouting groups have booked in. There is public transport along the main road, but you really need a car or scooter to get about. The roads are generally narrow and its best to park up and get around in something smaller.

Basilica of Taโ€™Pinu in Gozo

Opportunities: Virtually everyone speaks English and everyone has a cousin in Australia so it’s a friendly place. Lots of isolated rocky beaches, lovely old churches and ancient ruins. There are lots of cheap eats about and beer and wine is reasonably priced.

The Blue Grotto

Threats: The price of the relatively short ferry crossing (โ‚ฌ600 return) would be enough to put most motorhomers off, but you cannot take it with you. Still the ferry cost and camping fees are a lot less that 8 nights in a hotel and we are more happy in our own space.

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