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Cadiz, Spain 🇪🇸 2019

Date: 11-12th September 2019

Travelled: 216 kms from Seville to Cádiz both in Andalucía

Visited: Cádiz

Stayed: Municipal car-park €3 pd + T+B. N36.53841, W06.28983

Budget: 95 days @ €72 per day

We enjoy another quiet cool evening in Seville, thanks to the air-conditioner. We pay the aire man his money and depart via the Lidl for a quick shop before heading south for Cádiz. We initially set the GPS for a motorhome dealer south of the city. We arrive to find they have a variety of kitchen taps, but not the one we need to replace. So on to Cádiz it is.

The GPS has found a tollway to Cádiz (we didn’t know there were any in Spain), so we take the A4 turn off and save ourselves a few pesos.

Map of Cádiz, the icon on our parking spot

As you can see from the map above the city of Cádiz stands on a rocky island connected to the mainland by a sand spit and these days a couple of bridges like the one pictured above. Once over the bridge we skirt the old town finding a spot in the port car-park along with a dozen or more other motorhomes.

Cádiz has no shortage of public monuments as you can see. We find four in our 500 m walk to the tourist office. The lady in the tourist office gives us a map, so our thoughts turn to finding a relaxed spot in the shade to take in the early evening vibe of Cádiz.

Just across from the tourist office.

An Aperol spritz and Guinness.

Back at the Hymer we start chatting to an English couple from the Isle of Wight who were parked almost next door. A chat turns into a drink, then a second, you know how it goes.

Bit of an usual night, a marching band for want of a Spanish name for it start practicing at 9 pm. Marching up and down the street. They sounded pretty good but they played the same tune for 90 minutes. The dance party music (rubbish) from a dance club up the road somewhere woke us about 4 am but we managed to ignore it and go back to sleep.

Wasn’t the quietest of nights.

Next morning (not too early), we set off to explore Cádiz.

Security is always a concern in Spain.

Our next find is the Castillo de Santa Catalina and its interesting museum.

Playa de la Caleta or the City Beach

That’s Cádiz Catedral in the background.

We have been walking for a couple of hours now, so we decide to leave the cathedral till later. We cut across the old city through the city markets for a coffee back at the Hymer.

The market complex in Cádiz is fabulous, there must be 30+ seafood venders, then there’s fresh produce, meats and several fast food places. So it wasn’t a short cut.

After a late lunch and a little rest go exploring again. The Town Hall.

The Catedral Nueva, Cádiz.
Our guide book describes it as a High Baroque Spanish style, but without the usual golden chapels and altar.
The Crypt, it had the most spooky echo.

The Cathedral done, its time to find an inexpensive restaurant.

Full of food, beer and champagne we make our way back to the Hymer hoping the band plays a different tune tonight. We both put Cádiz on our top stops in Spain list.

Michael and Pam

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