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Pitigliano, Italy 2018 ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น

Date:  6th September 2018

Travelled:  105 kilometres from Marta in Lazio to Sovana in Tuscany, Italy.

Visited:  Pitigliano

Stayed:  Sovana car-park, โ‚ฌ3.50 pd or free after hours. Toilet + bin.  N42.65758, E11.64313

Budget:  95 days @ โ‚ฌ95 per day.

We enjoyed a very quiet night on the lake at Marta.  A very late start this morning we have our usual coffee and some fruit before going for a walk along the lake for almost an hour.  Given its location it is hard to believe there is so much undeveloped lake front land along here.

Back at the Hymer we have breakfast, service the usual things that need to be done and pay our โ‚ฌ10.  A motorhome friendly parking spot in Pitigliano is in the GPS and we are on our way.

Itโ€™s after mid-day by the time we arrive in Pitigliano, the car-park has no shade.  For some silly reason we decide to walk into town.    We saw a sign to the centro, before we turned for the car-park, so we head in that direction.

It ends up being a long walk down-hill to the old town. Looks spectacular hanging on a cliff above a deep ravine.  Should have got the scooter off itโ€™s going to be a long hot walk back to the Hymer.
Crossing into the old town, the Fontana Della Sette Cannelle greets us.  Pitigliano is another Etruscan town, built into and out of the soft tufa stone we has seen so much of in the last week.
As we walk through La Piccola Gerusalemme (Little Jerusalem), we pass many small irregular laneways like this one.  Going down on our left to the gorge or up on our right.  Nothing in Pitigliano is on the flat.
The Lonely Planet recommends visiting the Synagogue (circa 1598) and museum, so here we are.
Below the Synagogue a labrynth of stairways and rooms dating back to Etruscan times (BC).  The local Jewish community used these areas for running their various businesses for hundreds of years.
Doesnโ€™t mind an adventure our Pam, especially when I told her there was a nice shoeshop at the bottom.
Our next find was the Church di San Rocco.
Whilst not the Duomo it has an amazing set of frescos above the altar.

After wandering about for another 30 minutes we decide we cannot face the walk back to the Hymer, before lunch.  In one of my previous rants I have complained about the Italian 3 Ps.  Panini, Pizza and Pasta.  We browse a couple of restuarants and one is different, more expensive but different.  We walk on for 20m, then go back to Il Tufo Allegro.  Given we are just motorhomers we share an antipasta and a main.

Lunch was as good as it gets, over a couple of glasses of vino and a local blonde birra.  It was only after we ordered, we noted the Michelin symbols for 7 years running on the door, no wonder it was more expensive.  We had our fill for โ‚ฌ65, which was excellent value really.  So we do the long walk up to the car-park where the Hymer has been sitting in the sun for 3 hours.  We donโ€™t dally, getting on the road for Sorano about 10 klms away.  Fifteen minutes later we find a lovely shady spot next to a grove of pine trees and have a post big lunch nap.

Our quiet time in Sorano was interrupted by a nice noisey bunch.  Apparently this shady spot is a popular meeting place for singles.

Itโ€™s a little embarrasing.  We suddenly realise we should be in Sovana, not Sorano.  Bugger, its not far about another 8 klms.  So a quick tidy up and where back on the road.

Our little free (pay during morning and afternoons) car-park in Sovana.  A nice little village, but there is a walk here in the National Park to a series of Etruscan tombs, but thatโ€™s tomorrows adventure.

Michael and Pam

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