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Michael and Pam live in southern suburbs of Sydney (The Shire), Australia. We caught the travel bug several years ago. Having been a firefighter for 34 years, I retired in 2012. ย Pam was still working part time until 2017, retiring just before we departed for Europe this year.

Sydney in winter, on the Bay

Sydney in winter, on the Bay

Having visited Europe and North America in 2011-2013 we were looking for a way to extend our travelling dollar. ย After looking at numerous blogs, we decide a motorhome could be the way. ย So after much investigating we decided on the make and model we were looking for. ย Our plan was to purchase the motorhome during our next trip to the UK in 2013.

We started looking on eBay and next thing you know, we are the proud owners of a 2005 Hymer B584.

In 2014 we headed off on our first extended motorhome trip. ย Travelling from London via the ferry to Calais, from there we followed the French coast through Normandy, Brittany and the Atlantic coast to Spain before heading into the Pyrenees. ย From Toulouse we commenced two weeks on the Midi-Canal in a french penichette. ย Back on the road again we crossed into Spain and followed the west coast to Valencia before heading home via Bilbao.

In 2015 we wanted to do something special for the Anzac centenary. ย My great uncle George Guymer served in the AIF in WW1, he was killed in French Flanders in 1917. ย So departing England for France via Dunkirk we visit Bailleul cemetery before transiting France and Italy to Ancona. ย Travelling by ferry to Igoumenitsa, ย touring northern Greece and entering Turkey. ย We visit Anzac Cove at Gallipoli, Istanbul and tour central Turkey before again travelling by ferry from Cesme to Chios (Greek Island) then ferry again to the Port of Piraeus. We wander the Peloponnese for a few weeks before heading back to Italy by ferry and starting the long drive back.

In 2016 we completed a four month tour of England and Europe in our Hymer. ย Starting with a ferry ride to the Ilse of Wight for a few days back in the 1960’s. ย We then enjoyed a couple of weeks in Devon and Cornwall before crossing the channel by train for the first time. ย Having secured tickets for the Centenery Celebrations at Pozieres, we spent a few days in France before heading north into Belgium. ย The next 3 months were spent touring Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany. ย This included an 8 day cruise on the Rhein River which ticks another one off the bucket list. ย In summary we fell in love with Germany, it proved to be a very motorhome friendly place to tour.

In 2017 we started with a few weeks in England and Wales before pointing the Hymer towards the Chunnel and making our way to Europe. ย Heading north quickly across Belgium into The Netherlands we travelled on to northern Holland. ย Spending several days touring our way to the German border. ย We cross Germany quickly into Denmark, touring again up through western Denmark, crossing to Sweden then touring north through Norway, Finland and Sweden, before returning via eastern Denmark, central Germany and France.

In 2018 we are planning….

4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Rick Griffiths

    Hi Michael, Marcus Baker told me about your website and I have really enjoyed reading about your adventures. I have told others and they to have enjoyed your blog. My wife and I have done two motor home trips through Europe so for for us we are really interested in not only where you travel but what you experienced,where you stayed and the costs. Our plan is to do the same thing so your blog has been invaluable, particularly purchasing the motor home, rego and insurance, and storage at the end of the trip. This travelling must agree with you because you don’t look like you have aged. Looking forward to your next adventure and the details provided through your blog so keep up the great work Kind regards Rick Griffiths

  2. Jon & Lowra

    Hi guys.

    Great to meet you both yesterday and pick your brains on travelling in a van. Hope you have an amazing trip and hopefully we bump into you on the road soon.

    Take it easy and safe travels.

    Jon & Lowra x

  3. Vivien

    Hello von Germany
    Have just come upon your adventures while crusing the Danube. Not sure where you are at now? I have lost my normal email contacts for various reasons and so have not been in contact. Enjoy the remainder of your trip and keep away from the hurrican in the Uk.

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