Chaumont, France 2017 ๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ฑ

Travelled:  150 kilometres from Remiremont to Chaumont, France.

Visited:  Marne-Rhein Canal, Chaumont

Stayed:  Chaumont aire โ‚ฌ7.50 all the usual services included. Washing and drying available. N48.11852, E05.15406

Leaving Remiremont with a new haircut and sim card we continue west, firstly on the N57 before turning onto the D417.  We are determined to do as much travel in France off the motorways as possible this year.  Avoiding the tolls and driving the villages as we do.  If you need to be somewhere on time, the French D roads arenโ€™t for you.  Generally speaking there is a village every 5-8 kilometres requiring you to slow down, keep an eye out for speed cameras and the odd speed hump.  The upside being all these pretty little places, unusual churchs, interesting war memorials and gardens.

Passing through the village of Bouligney we spot this little fountain with Napoleon on top. Looks a bit messy around the place, but they were doing new curbing.
We stop just on the outskirts of the village of Corre. The Canal de Lโ€™East runs through here so we have a coffee outside Ecluse#46 and take in the view.
We pass several groves of trees with these odd ball shapes. Thought they were bird nests at first, but maybe some sort of plant growing in them, very odd.
We spot this interesting memorial and garden as we drive through Fresnes-sur-Apance.  With the centenary all the WW1 memorials are getting a tidy up.

Itโ€™s late afternoon when we arrive at Chaumont or at least the aire. The aire is a good couple of kilometres from Chaumont which sits on top of a ridge. The aire is located on the Marne-Rhein canal next to the marina.  We stayed here last year.

You may wonder why we have returned to Chaumont ?  While its a lovely town famous for its amazing railway viaduct, we have seen all that before.  We have passed through this way to ride the cycle path (old tow path) along the canal.  But thatโ€™s tomorrowโ€™s adventure, weโ€™ll settle for a walk up stream for a few kilometres this afternoon.

Crossing the canal to the cycle path, the marina is on the right. The Hymerโ€™s in there somewhere with 4-5 other motorhomes. The marina is not fancy but it does have a very economical washing machine and dryer. By tonight we have clean sheets and a couple of bags of clean cloths.
A few hundred metres upstream we find this classically French, but seemingly abandoned house.  Sad or spooky, you can decide.
Another couple of kilometres along the canal we find the next ecluse at Choignes.
Across the bridge we can see the village and this old mill house.
Since Pam has had her haircut, I am allowed to take photos from a little closer.  Anyway we walk back to the Hymer, the washing is done and we get the dryer going.  Then back to the Hymer for some alcohol therapy.

We wake to the sound of rain on the roof.  Our cycle ride down the canal is looking a little shaky.  Best go back to sleep and worry about it later, but by 9am, the rain appears steady.  So we breakfast, Pam is chatting on messanger with the kids and I have another blog completed, 11am looms and its still raining.  We get a little respite at one point and I take off the covers, fill the water tank and service the Hymer without getting soaked.

Thereโ€™s always next year…so we start the Hymer and head off on our next adventure.

Michael and Pam

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