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Luxembourg 🇱🇺

Our thoughts after touring Luxembourg in 2022

Strengths: Over the years we seemed to have missed passing through the city state of Luxembourg for one reason or another. It was probably more a matter of the roads through France being so much better than those in Belgium that made it convenient to take the southern route. Anyway having purchased a travel guide for Luxembourg we were determined to tour in 2022.

First thing we discover is that Luxembourg is one of the wealthiest states in the EU. The roads are excellent, the public transport is free and the cuisine has a French influence that we enjoyed after a couple of months in northern Europe. Our overnight parking stop at Alzingen a suburb of Luxembourg city was arguable the best campsite we encountered in 2022. The city of Luxembourg itself has plenty to offer with some world class museums and galleries.

Weaknesses: Overnight stops in Luxembourg city are campsites and both well out of the city as indicated in P4N. Outside the city we found a small aire in front of a old campsite in Diekirch which saved us €10 on parking inside. Luxembourg is certainly not a cheap place to eat and drink, but it’s very stylish.

Opportunities: Luxembourg city has a long list of museums and galleries and you’ll need a guide book and a good tourist map to find them. We thought the AM Tunnel (gallery) amazing. The city is divided by the confluence of two rivers which have created deep canyons providing some excellent photo opportunities, particularly walking the Corniche. As the public transport is free the tram network can save a lot of walking as your get around.

Threats: Nothing springs to mind other than checking opening dates and times, not everything is open everyday.

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