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Greece ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ท

Our thoughts after touring Greece in 2015

Strengths:  Another wonderful place to explore in your motorhome.  We had visited Athens before by ship and felt no need to deal with the crowds at the Acropolis again, so we gave it a miss in our motorhome.  Once off the ferry in Igoumenitsa your into the mountains of northern Greece and picturesque Ioannina and it’s lake.  Take the opportunity to walk the gorges at Vikos and Lousios !  For stunning topography its hard to beat Meteora.  Out of season you can park pretty well anywhere for free.  Most Greeks speak good english and many seem have a cousin in Melbourne, making Australians welcome.  Our personal favourite was definitely the Peloponnese.  We spent weeks just moving on a few kilometres every couple of days from one beach to another.  Just living the dream.

Wildcamping in the Peloponnese

Weaknesses: ย From a general motorhome perspective, we did not find any municipal aires or stellplatz. ย Some bars and tavernas allow overnight parking with a toilet but off season its even harder. ย Public toilets to empty the cassette are hard to find and so is a tap. ย We suggest a small shovel is a must for touring greece. ย Cemeteries always have a tap and we topped up whenever we could. ย Greece closes from 12-3pm, except for restaurants and tavernas, so get used to it. ย Always have cash on hand as most small business don’t take credit cards (probably for tax purposes).

Pam lights her torch for the relay. Got another lecture for this photo as well.

Opportunities:  Greece makes for very cheap travelling.  While diesel is on the expensive side, food, beer and wine are inexpensive.  The waterside tavernas are great and generally reasonably priced.  The weather is consistent except for the occasional afternoon thunder storm.  As you would expect there are ancient ruins everywhere, the amphitheatre at Epidavros was amazing, so take the time to check it out.

One of the stunning monasteries of Meteora

Threats:  We visited Greece in the middle of Angela’s induced refugees crisis, so apart from the locals being very displeased about young arabic men sitting on park benches, we saw several large inflatable boats discarded on beaches adjacent to Turkish coastline.  Political and economic unrest is a reoccurring issue in Greece.  Governments change quickly in Athens, normally this is timed to coincide with the EU calling in some loan.  We carried a good amount of euros in cash in our safe to avoid the queues at ATMs.

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