Inspiration for our motorhome travels originated with the following websites:

An English couple Jay and Julie and their travels,

Another English couple, Barry and Margaret who manage a huge website regarding motorhome and other travels with links to many other useful sites,

Our Bumble is another outstanding blog.  Craig and Joanne find some really interesting places and have a knack for finding wildcamping sites,

Some other Australians couples who regularly post their adventures, whilst travelling by motorhome are:

Jenny and Ewout

Mark and Bev

Mark and Muriel

If your touring the Peloponnese you may find this link interesting:

Jennifer Jones’ Picturesque Peloponnese

Our trip along the Midi-Canal in 2014 was using a hired penichette from Locaboat.

Click the following link to download our 2014-2019 POI’s as a csv file.  It details all of our overnight stops, csv files are suitable for upload to a Garmin GPS.

MPG Travels 2014-2019

Our river cruise on the Rhein River in 2016 was sourced though Stip Reizen , a Dutch discount travel agency.

Our trip to India in 2018 was booked through TripaDeal, an Australian discount travel agency.

Before touring Italy in 2018, we found a detailed list titled ‘The Best Italian Villages’, I transposed the list into Google and used it extensively as we toured.  This google link should take you there…