Michael and Pam's Travels

Germany ๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ช

Strengths: ย Germany is a wonderful place to explore in a motorhome. ย Excellent roads, lots of stellplatz with power and water. ย Clean and tidy streets, beautiful scenery only spoilt by wind turbines. ย Hosting many of europe’s great rivers if you fancy a cruise. ย Folksy villages, historic cities and disturbing modern history. ย No tollroads ! ย Excellent beer and wine (Pam recommends the troken riesling) at supermarket prices. ย Germany is home of Aldi and Lidl, hence economic shopping. ย Many Germans speak enough english to help you out.



Weeknesses: ย Hard to think of any ? ย Not easy to find a nice baguette or any light breads and the sausages all taste like a side-show frankfurt. ย Germany has lots of rules, just read the sign and follow the rules. ย The average cost in a stellplatz is โ‚ฌ10-12.

Opportunities: ย If you like watching the latest AMG Mercedes and Porsche going flat stick, you’ll love the autobahns. ย Our next run through German will probably involve following the Elbe or the Danube. ย There are excellent roads and cycle paths along the rivers and canals and most towns have a stellplatz.



Threats: ย Germany’s open door policy for refugees was our only concern. ย However being realistic about the risk of terrorism, the risk in Berlin or Frankfurt is probably no different than London, Paris or Brussels. ย As motorhomes we don’t spend much time in airports and railway stations and try to avoid such places. ย You may find it difficult to find a vacant park bench in any of the larger towns, as bored young men are sitting around everywhere waiting for their permanent resident papers.