Belgium ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ช

Our thoughts after touring through Belgium in 2016-17

Strengths: ย Belgium is a country often overlooked as a motorhome destination. ย Being a small country it’s easy to transit on the freeway if your mind is set on getting somewhere else. ย Nearly everyone speaks English and everyone is helpful. ย One of our favourite overnight stops is Ypres and a visit to the Menin Gate for the evening service. ย There is a new aire on the outskirts of Ypres. ย The area north of Ypres is the final resting place for thousand of Australians who gave their lives for the high ground around Passchendaele and Zonnebeke. ย On our last trip we visited Bastogne which has some interesting WWII museums.

Weeknesses: ย Overnight parking is not that easy to find in Belgium on occasions. ย There are some dedicated locations adjacent to marinas on the canals. ย Popular overnight stops such as Brugge have a dedicated aire, but we thought very expensive at โ‚ฌ25. ย Whilst the freeway network is well developed the secondary roads are just that, very secondary. ย You may get a very bumpy ride.

Opportunities: ย We found Bruges and Ghent to be well worth a stop. ย The combination of well preserved Flemish architecture intertwined with ancient churches and castles a treat. ย Listening to carillons chime as you explore just adds to the charm. ย The villages along the River Semios in eastern Belgium is an area we would like to explore further.

Threats: ย Brussels is the home of the EU and seemingly the heart of Islamic terrorism in Europe. ย We have kept well away from the place. ย Belgium has maintained high levels of migration from the trouble Islamic nations for many years and the fox is kicking at the hen house door. ย Generally speaking we found food and alcohol more expensive in Belgium than the neighbouring countries.