Spain ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡ธ

Our thoughts on touring Spain in 2015

Strengths: ย Its no wonder Spain is so popular with English motor-homers. ย There are a number of direct ferry routes from England to Spain to save driving time and avoid the tolls driving south through France. ย Spain has the weather and a pretty relaxed attitude about motorhomes and most other things it seems. ย Alcohol is very in-expensive and the supermarket food is good quality. ย Spending a long lunch in a tapas bar is one of our best memories of Spain. ย We found the Spanish roads very good and pleasantly surprised with how little traffic there is away from the coast.

Wildcamping on the beach in Spain

Weeknesses: ย Some coastal communities, are placing parking restrictions on the beachfront parking of motorhomes in season, but from September on, it doesn’t seem to be a problem. ย Due to the number of British tourist going to Spain over winter, some places attract the uglier side of ‘Little Britain’. ย Spain closes for a siesta from 12-3 pm except for bars and cafes, mind you the shops and supermarkets are all open to late in the evening. ย The Spanish are a noisy lot, having had a couple of hours sleep during the day, they don’t eat until 9 pm then wander about talking noisily until 11 pm.

Opportuniities: ย Getting away from the beaches and exploring the Spanish Pyrenees, mountain villages, National Park walks or cities such as Salamanca or Seville can be a real adventure. ย We found Catalonia a great place to explore. ย Morocco is just a short ferry trip across the straits.

The Spanish are a very patriotic people, however not necessarily about Spain

Threats: ย Be prepared and for-warned, there is an entire sub-class of people in Spain looking to rip you off. This varies from charging more than the price printed on a menu to giving you the wrong change when you pay the bill. ย Then there’s common theft. ย Every motor-homer who has visited Spain has a story (read ours) about being broken into, having something stolen or just plain old pick-pocketed. ย You cannot be too careful in Spain. ย The Spanish seem to enjoy a little civic unrest from time to time, so its a good idea to keep alert to whats happening with the Basque and Catalonians.