Jaipur, the Pink City of Rajasthan, India ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ

Travelled : 280 kilometres from Delhi to Jaipur by coach

Visited : The Amber Fort, City Palace, Jal Mahal and Jantar Mantar.

Stayed: Sarovar Portico Hotel, Jaipur

Having not really recovered from the long flight followed by a full days touring in Delhi, its an early start…

Whilst we were told our bag would arrive in Delhi at 4am, it had not arrived at the hotel by late morning so we will do our tour of Jaipur with just a change of cloths each.  As you can imagine Pam is not happy.  Every hour that passes reminds us of something else important packed in that bag.

The traffic to escape Delhi take 90 minutes to get through.  Itโ€™s mind numbing, probably made worst by the constraint sound of horns from all the vehicles around you.  Finally we escape onto the motorway.

Out of the city the traffic is still heavy, with lots of trucks.  Most trucks and buses drive in the right hand lane, the faster moving cars all use the left or gutter lane.  Find this a bit odd and somewhat scary…
Itโ€™s a slow trip.  We find out our bus is speed limited to 80 kph so it will take about 8 hours to Jaipur, given the time taken to escape Delhi.  Itโ€™s a pleasant drive and thereโ€™s plenty of time to take in the scenery.  The first few hours are flat farmland and dusty towns, then the hills start to appear.  The roadside bougainvillea are spectacular in many places.
The things you see on the road to Jaipur…gone droving a herd of monkeys it seems.

Our travelling companions are all seasoned travellers and we have plenty of experiences to share so the time passes quickly.  We arrive safely enough with enough time to drop down to the local bazaar before dinner to pick up a few extra things for Pam to wear.

From our hotel window the sunlight just hits the buildings across the road.
We stop briefly outside the City Palace facade (thatโ€™s our bus on the left) cross the road for a quick photo.  All buildings in the Old City of Jaipur are painted the same colour, not quite pink but pink enough to give the city its name.
Had to put the photo in.  Itโ€™s directly across the road from the Palace and the previous photo.  More tourist chaos !
We drive some 10 kilometres out from Jaipur to the Amber (Amer) Fort.  From the bus carpark itโ€™s either an elephant ride or transfer by Jeep to the fort.  We decide on the later.
On the hill above the Amber Fort stands Jaipur Fort.  Itโ€™s massive but sadly not included on our tour today day.  The Amber Fort is more a defensive palace, the real fort is the Jaipur Fort.  A tunnel existed so the royal family can escape up the hill if necessary.
We enter the fort through the Moon Gate.  Most fittting as it was the commoners gate or entry way into the palace square.
We arrive just in time to see some tourists arrive by elephant.  Did look like an interesting experience.
Built over a hundred years, completed in the 11th century.  The Amber Fort is built in the Hindu style.  This is the lionโ€™s gate used by the king.
The moon gate on the left, the lions gate on the right with a procession of elephants passing across the rear of the court yard.
My uniform for our trip to India, luckily I had an extra black polo in the carry on.  I have accessorized with a new floppy hat 500rp
Framing Pam amongst the columns and arches in the Hall of Public Audience.

Looking down from the balcony the royal saffron garden and the lake below.  On the surrounding hills a defensive wall and towers.  Itโ€™s an amazing complex of defenses.
The ladies garden within the royal apartments.
Took a photo of this stylish couple, framed by the archway, the old Jaipur Fort on the hill above.

I could prattle on with another 20 interesting photos, but then I would never get the blog done.  So we journey back down the hill passing numerous hawker and beggars back to the safety of our little bus.

We stop briefly on the shore line of Man Sagar Lake to take in the Palace of Jal Mahal.
No day in Jaipur would be complete without a mandatory stop at the carpet and textile bazaar.  The girls were in their element.
Back in the 18th century the king became obsessed with astrology and celestial movement. So he built Jantar Mantar, a park behind the palace with some 20 odd different styles of sundials.  Like a man with 20 watches ?
Lastly we have a wander about the city palace which is now predominantly a series of museums, no photos are allowed inside, so theres is just a quick picture of the central pavilion.

I think I can say we are all very tired.  Another 10 hour day of doing this and that, come 5.30 we have all lost interest.  There is a mini-mutiny and we tell our guide we have seen enough.  With the late afternoon traffic and the locals all out walking the narrow streets and lanes it takes another hour to return to the safety and comfort of our hotel.

So thatโ€™s Jaipur…another long drive to Agra tomorrow.

Michael and Pam

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