Charleville-Mézières, France. 2017 🇫🇷

Travelled:  53 kilometres from Bouillon, Belgium to Charleville-Mezieres, France.

Visited: Bouillon Chateau Fortress, €6.50.

Stayed:  Charleville-Mézières Marina Aire, free. The usual services.  N49.77883, E04.71979

After a big evening in the little bar in Bouillon we managed to find the Hymer with a little difficulty.  Its amazing how cheap it is to get a inebriated, if you find the right bar.  €12-14 and Pam can sing along with Edith Piaffe as well as the locals.  Not sure what we had for dinner but I expect not much.

Its a very misty morning in Bouillon, so we decide to drive into the centrum as it should be an easy park this early.  The girl at the tourist office gave us a map for the walking tour which includes a visit to the Fortress, so we start at No.2 the park outside the tourist office.


We start our walk just outside the tourist office. Nice view of the Chateau Fortress.
Crossing the Pont de Liége over the La Semois. The mist is hanging on the hills around Bouillon this morning.
There are images of Godefroid de Bouillon here and there as we wander. Pam has taken a liking to him…or perhaps I asked her to block out the machine someone parked there.
A little B&B we pass on our way up to the Church. If it’s as nice on the inside as out, It would be a nice place to stay.
The Church of Saint Peter and Paul built from a very yellow stone.
We finally arrive at the Chateau Fortress, come Citadel, come Castle. Every sign we find give it a different name.
You would be aware from previous blogs, Pam loves a classic drawbridge.
We take the audio tour which apart from being interesting. helps keep you on track as it’s a real maze in there. One dungeon looks the same as the next in the dark.
Lots of cannons…
Pam wanted a picture for her wallet…
Spot the Hymer shot from the upper parapets of the castle.
Another view from the parapets, this time out the back. Our overnight Aire is just over that bridge.



A last view from the top of the Castle. Looking back up stream. A small causeway controls the river height.
We find another selfie opportunity with Godefroid…on our way back from the Fortress.

We could easily stay another day in Bouillon but Pam’s voice is still a bit husky from Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien and I’m still a bit dusty myself.  So we hit the road back into France, it’s only an hour later and we roll into the marina aire in Charleville-Mézières.


Get Directions


This should do nicely, the sun is out and its a warm afternoon in Charleville-Mézières. Perfect for a recovery session. Another spot the Hymer shot by the way…


Michael and Pam

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