Mesnil-Saint-Pére, France 2017 🇫🇷

Travelled:  105 kilometres from Chaumont to Mesnil-Saint-Pére, France.

Visited: Lusigny-sur-Barse and Mesnil-Saint-Pére

Stayed:  Mesnil-Saint-Pére car-park overlooking the marina, free. No service.  N48.25580, E04.33660

The rain was a disappointing start to the day, but you cannot buy the weather so no point worrying about it.  We depart Chaumont on the D679 for Troyes.  We drove along this part of the 679 last year.  It’s champagne country, rolling hills, vineyards and the odd amusement park.

The rain eventually eases and we turn for Lusigny-sur-Barse.  Situated on the southern edge of a huge lake and forest area within a National Park.  We stopped and lunched on the canal at Lusigny-sur-Barse on our way to Greece 3 years ago, it was such a lovely spot I marked it on our map and data-base.

Driving down through Lusigny-sur-Barse to the canal. Still very grey but the rain has stopped.
The amazing causeway at Lusigny-sur-Barse. We lunched and had a little nap 💤.

There is a touch of blue sky and Pam wants to go for a walk so we follow the canal.
Past the cemetery…
Eventually we turn off the canal and back into Lusigny-sur-Barse. This village has some lovely old homes.
Another example…
Then we pass the Church of Saint Martin on the village crest.
This was our favourite house, very busy but stylish.

We have some time to kill and decide on a drive around the lake.  There is a stopping spot on the opposite side of the lake at Mesnil-Saint-Pére so we will check that out as well.

We drive along through the National Park catching glimpses of the lake and cycle paths as we do. When we arrive at Mesnil-Saint-Pére we find a fair going in the aire. We notice a few motorhomes in a car-park just up the road so we join them for the night.  A lake view spot for free.
Looking over the marina and break wall. The water 💦 is missing ? The lake is divided in two through a weir. It appears one half is full whilst they have drained this side ?
After a quiet evening by the lake, we have a coffee and head off for a walk around the village. Mesnil-Saint-Pére is only a small village but it has some interesting features.
We find the village church is something of a ruin.  Still standing and locked, but from what we can see it has not been used for many years.
Have timber houses and buildings are all the go in Mesnil-Saint-Pére. This is the National Park office.
This half timber building had an interesting story board. It stated the gaps between the timbers were originally filled with a mud lime stucco but as that failed the owners would replace it with brick.

So we make our way back to the Hymer, have some breakfast before setting the GPS for Pam’s favourite shopping outlet in Troyes.  But that’s another adventure…

Michael and Pam

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